74 % of CISOs Ready to Pay a Premium to Partner with Cybersecurity Vendors that are Thought Leaders

74 % of CISOs Ready to Pay a Premium to Partner with Cybersecurity Vendors that are Thought Leaders

A recent report from Code Red unveils how thought leadership content plays a vital role in every stage of CISOs’ buying journey.

According to a recent study conducted by Code Red, a global PR-communication security network, over 74 percent of CISOs are willing to pay a premium to partner with cybersecurity vendors if they showcase thought leadership attributes.

The study was commissioned by Code Red and is based on the input of 819 IT decision-makers from enterprises across ten countries. The report revealed that thought leadership has been proven to be an important marker of quality and can strengthen the reputation of cybersecurity vendors.

The study further showcases that CISOs utilize thought leadership content in their buying process, from researching their industry challenges and filtering cybersecurity vendors to making informed decisions about the suppliers. The impact of this content is undeniable, with 43 percent of respondents claiming to have used thought leadership content in making a final decision to partner with a cybersecurity vendor.

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In fact, even after a deal is finalized, thought leadership content still influences the plans and goals, with 35 percent of CISOs having increased their business with an existing vendor because of their strong thought leadership standing in the industry.

When asked about how CISOs authenticate the thought leadership content on various cybersecurity issues, they claimed to have used three key approaches. These three areas consist of independently conducting their own research using keywords, reviewing content shared by their peers and reading trade media publications. According to experts, this trusted triangle’ is the doorway between thought leadership content and its target audience.

The study further reveals that 42 percent of CISOs measure the credibility of the content by analyzing whether it provides in-depth information about the topic they are interested in. Additionally, 60 percent of respondents said IT and cybersecurity trade media is their desired format of content. This shows that high media profile and industry awareness is central to successful thought leadership strategy.

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While discussing the importance of these findings with ITSecurityWire, Robin Campbell-Burt, CEO, Code Red, stated, “Our study shows that if people see a cybersecurity company as an authority in the sector on the issues of the day, they are willing to pay more for the perceived quality of that more trusted supplier. Combine that with the fact that thought leadership is a great way for new entrants to the market to show their credibility, and you begin to understand quite how vital such an approach is to marketing in the cybersecurity industry.”

Cybersecurity vendors clearly need to develop a fool-proof thought leadership content process that will enable them to easily attract their target enterprises as well as establish them as authority figures in the industry.

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