Artificial Intelligence on Modern Enterprise – Trends to Consider

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Artificial Intelligence on Modern Enterprise - Trends to Consider ITSW

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the “hot topic”, as more enterprises, spanning all industries are getting associated with the robotics industry

Over the past years, an extensive increment of AI-powered tools, platforms, and applications have revolutionized the technology marketplace. It is no secret that many B2B organizations have benefitted from AI for simplifying operations and driving better decision making.

Top Strategic Priorities For Enterprises – What Are CIOs Focusing On?

Looking ahead in 2020, more organizations are increasingly investing in AI; however, only a few have created a structured adoption strategy. “AI: Built to Scale”, a report by Accenture has revealed only 16% of companies have managed to make artificial intelligence work at scale, and rest are stuck in the blind alley. Another study by MIT SMR-BCG, titled ‘Artificial Intelligence Global Executive Study and Research Report’ in 2019, reads- nine out of ten organizations have invested in AI. However, 70% of them have experienced minimal or no impact.

For AI to provide a beneficial outcome, it needs to be integrated with other advanced technologies. For instance, automation would not have been a success without IoT and AI together. Thus, AI in coordination with Blockchain and IoT can be utilized to address security, versatility, intelligent automation, and more.

Voice-based AI Assistant – Certainly the Future of Workplace

Cyber-security has still been a question mark for many companies. In a survey by Marsh & McLennan, “Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey Report 2019”, almost 79% of respondents marked cyber-attacks as their highest risk management priorities for 2020. With the increasing rate of cyber-attacks in the past years, many organizations are looking forward to utilizing AI to solve the security concern effortlessly.

AI can be used as an active transformation agent by intelligent data usage. Powered by automation, AI can help in driving innovations in the latest robotic trends. In this digital era, companies can save up to 50,000 man-hours switching to intelligent automation and finish test cycles nearly 50% faster as compared to before. No wonder then that Forrester predicts the investment plans for automation to exceed $2.9 billion in 2021.

Also, the extensive use of AI assistants is streamlining ‘dull’ humanized support services. Moving forward, more utilization of digital assistants will benefit enterprises to simplify workflows and speed-up business processes. Specifically, voice-based AI assistants are expected to rule the workplace, keeping in mind the increasing speed of mobile communication.

Intelligent Automation Technology Is a Necessity In 2020

With the significant adoption of technologies like AI, enterprises are going to pilot further advances in the digital world.