Cloud Security – Three Common Mistakes CISOs Can Avoid

Cloud Security - Three Common Mistakes CISOs Can Avoid

As enterprises are gearing up for cloud deployment post-COVID19 lockdown,
CISOs need to be wary of these security mistakes.

Globally, organizations are today working towards better cloud management as the world
embraces the new normal, post-pandemic. IT teams should take ownership of their role in
supporting cloud resources and make sure they are following vendor-recommended security best practices.

Most of the platforms are expected to make a few major security mistakes as try to securely moving to the cloud. Let’s take a look at the top mistakes CISOs can easily avoid.

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1. Storing secrets in configuration files
Developers need to avoid storing confidential in app source code and configuration files.
Businesses should take measures to protect their secrets using a key management services like Amazon Web Service and Microsoft’s Azure platform. It is important to leverage these services to retrieve secrets at application run-time and avoid embedding them in application code.

2. Ignoring data security at the database levels
CISOs need to avoid considering data security is as storage security while manage security in the cloud. It is crucial to understand that data security comprises governance and compliance policies for data. Security has to be managed down to the object levels and CISO and their teams need to ensure data can be protected to the fullest. Most cloud security professionals do not focus on dealing with native database security and metadata management systems. Failing to understand security at the data level can lead to an accidental data loss event at some point.

3. Lacking a vision for cloud security
Experts say it is essential to dedicate at least 10% of the time on working out a vision of the future of business and upcoming challenges. IT leaders responsible for cloud security need to focus on what’s next, and be ready for the present roadblocks as well. Enterprises should take time to set a course and deploy technology solutions around its vision.
IT leaders need to regularly reinvent things when it comes to cloud security. Cloud security
mistakes can be avoided by adhering to best practices.

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