Cloud Security – What Enterprises Really Need to Know

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Cloud Security- What Enterprises Really Need to Know

Today, organizations are dealing with multi-cloud architecture, where it is critical to have security applications that resolve complexity and remove the risk

As per a Forrester report, global spending on cloud security is set to grow by nearly 18% to reach $12.7bn by 2023. New trends, emerging approaches, and technologies have changed the cloud security game. For companies with a heterogeneous multi-cloud solution, cloud-native security solutions offered by providers will not be helpful. In such situations, organizations can leverage the system that is native to each public cloud and manage two or more security systems. However, it is better if they can find a common security solution that can deal with the different security issues for each cloud provider. The latter option is more viable and is followed by the majority of companies.

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Companies can lose a lot of money and also witness hindrance in performance if the security is not integrated with the applications and data stores correctly. If security solutions of an organization are taking up more CPU cycles, it is time to re-engineer those solutions and reset how the applications use them.

As per experts, security and application tuning efforts lead to a monthly reduction of cost by 80%. Four-fold performance enhancement of those applications is also possible. It is important to offer training as most of the organizations lack the understanding of how to use them correctly. Spending resources on training actually reduces risk to a great extent. When a company spends a dollar on training, it cuts back $1,000 worth of risk for the implementation. The training is for common security architectures and solutions that span all public clouds and on-premises systems.

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According to a LogicMonitor’s survey, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. Organizations can witness an improvement in cloud security only if the culture challenges the status quo.