Cyber-security Leaders Need to Invest in Cross-Training Team Members

Cyber-security Leaders

Creating a solid team along with investing in high-end AI and ML technology is necessary.

Similar to other C-suite executives, CISOs also focus on hiring and retaining talent and creating a culture of diversity to drive innovation in the cybersecurity environment. There are several organizations that invest heavily in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); however, they lack the fundamental foundation of a solid team.

It is important for CISOs to train and cross-train their security team members as it helps them handle situations like an uptick in supplier or a downstream consumer. This helps the team expand their field of expertise and foster relationships to help each other. Enterprises need to shift and tweak to emerging technologies and new market demands.

Enterprises can organize ongoing training programs and more importantly commit to it. Also, it is better to avoid spending a lot of money on expensive online training. It is important to understand and assess the challenges and the available resources to work with.

CISOs can also conduct a complete assessment of team members to discover their hard and soft skills. Knowing how the security team performs under the stress of an attack is essential, as this helps in spotting the gaps not specific to just skills but also in terms of communications and collaboration.

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Companies can also focus on building a cross-training program where the cybersecurity team’s most reliable players can cross-train the backup staff to become subject matter experts. In order to deal with a crisis or an emergency, it is important to extend training to web application developers, DevOps, and IT specialists, to help provide necessary reinforcements.

As remote working is more likely stay for an indefinite time, it is a good idea to cross-train network security or other IT staff and point them toward building endpoint security, looking after VPN systems, and handling encryption configuration

Without a well-balanced and trained team, it usually fails to reach its potential and sometimes fails completely. By investing in people at the right time, with the right training, leaders can actually make a huge difference in the organization’s competencies.