ISACA Research – AI Shape the Technology Landscape in 2020

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ISACA Research - AI Shape the Technology Landscape in 2020

The new research from ISACA shows AI will play a significant role in shaping the technology landscape in 2020

The tech landscape is set to witness exciting opportunities owing to the evolving relationship between AI, ML, automation, and humans, as per new research from ISACA. The study titled “Next Decade of Tech: Envisioning the 2020s” surveyed over 5,000 business technology professionals. It reveals that 87% of them believe AI and ML will have a significant or moderate impact on enterprises’ profitability.

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AI and ML followed by cloud platforms and big data are identified as the most important enterprise technologies of the next decade. Only half of the respondents said it is very likely enterprises will pay attention to the ethical ramifications of AI deployments. Critical infrastructure (73%), data poisoning (55%), social engineering (58%), healthcare sector attacks (56%), and autonomous weapons (56%) are some of the highest levels of concern for AI attacks, revealed the research.

As per the study, 81% of respondents think enterprises are still lagging when it comes to investing adequately in the necessary people skills needed to navigate the changes in technology. Meanwhile, 70% think enterprises are underinvesting in the technology needed to retool their organizations for 2020. Enterprises and individuals will need new skills and frameworks to be equipped to navigate the inevitable technological changes in the coming future. The study also found that the cybersecurity skills gap remains one of the significant issues with enterprises. Nearly 20% of respondents expect the cybersecurity skills gap will be mostly or filled in 2020. Cybersecurity will become a higher priority for enterprises as per 72% of respondents while 56% think companies will be more proactive about deploying upcoming technologies.

Only 46% say that within five years, quantum computers would carry out tasks that traditional computers cannot.

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Interestingly, ninety-three percent of respondents expect that an augmented workforce would reshape how some or most jobs are performed. Significant technology changes will position their organizations for success and bolster their paycheck, as per the majority of respondents.