Microsoft’s Published Findings Reveal New Cyber Threats Posed by Hackers

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Microsoft’s Published Findings Reveal New Cyber Threats Posed by Hackers

Microsoft has published its security-related findings in an effort to make the enterprise community aware of the looming cyber threat during the Covid-19 crisis

Microsoft, known for its signature Windows Defender program, has revealed new findings of cyber threats during the Covid-19 crisis. It revealed a growing use of phishing scams as a technique among others has been deployed by hackers. It cited the example of a recent phishing email sent by hackers to healthcare authorities posing as the World Health Organization. The phishing email posed as ‘’. Additionally, the email was also titled, ‘possible cure for coronavirus COVID-19’.

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This may not come as a surprise to many enterprises that have been following the news regularly. The phishing emails related to Covid-19 are on the rise, globally. Recent reports by Fortinet revealed that there 119 active phishing email campaigns around the world. Moreover, the growth in remote working policies has also left many organizations vulnerable to new cyber threats. Additionally, if the FBI is to be believed, these threats have not remained just isolated cases of criminal groups, or campaigns.

According to the new warning issued by the FBI, research, and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly under attack by Chinese hackers. In a recently issued statement, the FBI stated that criminal organizations are trying to compromise access to networks, and making a keen effort to gain access to public health data, and intelligence.

Moreover, there have also been other cyber-attacks; included phishing emails containing fake messages like ‘fake tips’ from prominent organizations like Red Cross. As more and more people work from home, enterprises are also faced with rising threats to their networks. Moreover, earlier cybersecurity focused on threats that may soon become secondary to meeting endpoint security for cyber threats.

The recent news report suggests that despite the looming slowdown, sectors like IT and BFSI are increasing the hiring of cybersecurity experts. Among various IT roles, hiring for cybersecurity experts has seen an uptake of nearly 15% in countries like India. The demand for cybersecurity is increasing in BFSI firms as work from home becomes the need of the hour for most employees. Additionally, the big four consulting firms are scaling up their cybersecurity infrastructure.

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In its effort to combat the threat of cyber threats, Microsoft has released a wave of new security measures for its customers. Microsoft, increasingly known for its cloud offerings will also be hunting for Covid-19 themed phishing email with its artificial intelligence technology. According to the blog, Microsoft comes across trillions of signals in the form of cloud applications, endpoints, identities, and emails. Moreover, the visibility across this wide range of spectrum enables the company to detect and protect the entire security stack.