Strategies to Reduce Supply Chain Attacks

Supply Chain Attacks

There is a surge in the number of supply chain attacks that have a disastrous impact on the infrastructure. It has become crucial for organizations of every size, type, and industry to strengthen their security posture to reduce the risks and threats that can cause business disruptions.

As the modern supply chain is growing and becoming more complex, the threats it is exposed to have also evolved to become more sophisticated. CISOs need to consider evaluating the entire supply chain, right from procurement to delivering the products to the customer. SecOps teams should identify all the potential threats to their business and implement cybersecurity strategies and tech stack to identify and mitigate threats on their supply chain in real-time.

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These are a few strategies that CISOs can consider to minimize supply chain attacks:

Evaluate and understand the supplier network

While leveraging third-party service providers, the businesses are giving virtual access to the organization’s business network. It is crucial for businesses to establish trust and transparency regarding the type of data that is accessible to them, which users from their network have access to it and how it will be utilized. Enterprises that develop trustworthy relationships with all the suppliers, organizations can collaboratively work together to monitor risk factors like ownership, production units, and available exposed attack surface areas. CISOS should consider integrating tools in their cybersecurity tech stack that enable them to continuously monitor threats that the business network is exposed to because of partnering with third-party procurers, manufacturers, sellers, and other service providers. It is crucial to set stringent governance policies that CSOs need to set to ensure enforcing the stringent level of internal security standards that supply chain partners have to comply with to ensure security.

Determine all the potential cybersecurity risks

SecOps teams that want to understand how potentially their business operations or production flows will be impacted due to supply chain attacks need to determine the possible motivations for the attack.

CISOs should consider identifying all the critical assets in their entire supply chain that can be lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

Once the SecOps teams have a holistic view of all the assets, applications, and tools in the supply chain and all the potential threats, they can design a security strategy based on which assets to protect. Integrating tools that enable enterprises to monitor for threats, unify all the log entries, and deploy sensors to gain more visibility and identity all the gaps in their supply chain security posture. Enterprises that have capabilities to monitor the entire supply chain will help them to identify and mitigate sophisticated attacks in real-time.

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Enforce an effective supply chain attack response and remediation plan

Just evaluating all the vendors, suppliers, and partners with potential threats that expose the IT infrastructure will not make the business networks secure. It is crucial for every organization to have effective threat detection and mitigation plan designed and enforced to reduce the risks on the supply chain. Organizations that are able to spot and remediate threats immediately will help them to minimize the overall risks. SecOps teams should implement a cohesive cybersecurity posture that enables them to secure the other IT infrastructure and supply chain events to enforce effective response strategies. It is crucial to understand how all the suppliers respond and mitigate their threats to make strategic governance decisions to strengthen the security posture. CISOs should ensure all the supply chain partners should have an efficient cybersecurity tech stack to mitigate threats that do not have severe implications on the entire supply chain.

Enterprises that consider the above-mentioned strategies will enable them to strengthen their cybersecurity posture to minimize supply chain attacks.

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