The Signs of a Successful Cyber Security Program

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The Signs of a Successful Cyber Security Program

Although most CISOs take care of the security, it is important to determine the overall strength of their cybersecurity department

In addition to having security measures in place, enterprises need to go a step further and ensure they have a strong cybersecurity program in place. For starters, it is essential for companies to cover security costs that are beyond core solutions like firewalls and antivirus software. Several security teams often find it challenging to get additional investments for adding some extra security layers. However, some of them work effectively with their colleagues to demonstrate how a strong security program is crucial and garner additional funds for the same.

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A key indicator of a strong cybersecurity program is when CISOs have a positive relationship with board members and other executives. Communication on a regular basis with the board and board members suggests that CISOs are being considered as a trusted advisor. They are doing more than just briefing and are bringing their perspectives, giving advice, recommendations, and helping create a cybersecurity strategy.

A security team that can measure and demonstrate a positive ROI can demonstrate that they have a strong enterprise program in place. Enterprises should witness a decrease in risk by a higher amount as compared to the amount it is investing in security technologies, procedures, and training. For example, if a company is spending $10 million on implementing new security measures and the risk is reduced by $1 billion, this is a good ROI. Another factor that results in a successful security program is if it meets user expectations and provides a positive user experience. The security program needs to mature as per changing market conditions and work on the user feedbacks.

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It is important for a company to weave tight security into the corporate culture as it will help in inculcating a security-first mindset in employees throughout all departments.