Announces Expanded Offerings to Their Attack Surface Management Platform, the leading attack surface management company, has announced additional advanced and enterprise platform tiers. These new offerings expand on the core AlphaWave platform, giving organizations continuous views of their supply chains’ Internet-facing attack surface and software inventories.

AlphaWave has enhanced its agentless continuous exposure and inventory monitoring platform to facilitate more dynamic data integration pipelines, third party and supply configurations. IT, Security, and DevOps teams rely on AlphaWave to provide timely insights on their traditional and cloud-deployed assets and software.

Attacker reconnaissance tactics have kept pace with modern technology stacks and operational issues. Attackers have extended their search techniques to include misconfigurations, exposed storage, and Shadow IT assets, which gives them a broader profile of targets. The need for continuous asset and exposure monitoring is now more critical than ever. AlphaWave believes that the first step for defending your enterprise is knowing what to secure.

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Sharing a single source of inventory truth will enable your DevOps, IT, and Security teams to perform their jobs with confidence. Getting control of your external security posture starts with attack surface management.

  • Discover attack surfaces that present a risk to your enterprise
  • Analyze issues, prioritizing actions based on actual risk
  • Respond and remediate exposures faster using built-in workflows and collaboration
  • Optimize your operations to make your people and technology better, stronger, and quicker using API and pipeline integrations
  • Monitor third-party and supply chain systems and applications for exposures and risks outside of normal visibility

When compared to similar products in the industry, AlphaWave:

  • Reduces costs by focusing on customer environments with surgical precision, rather than relying on wasteful full Internet data warehousing
  • Values integrations out of the gate with input and output pipelines to leverage the data to bring out ROI on other visibility and analyst tools
  • Leads in Cloud visibility helping bring greater transparency to deployments and resources
  • Deployment free, with no agents or servers to install, environments are enumerated and documented within thirty minutes and maintained indefinitely
  • Is built by experts, made for all users levels to use our world-class, user-friendly UI, while expert users can leverage our API for all data

“While other vendors charge you to scan and store the entire Internet, leading to high noise and inflated costs, AlphaWave only collects what you care about, reducing noise and lowering prices.” Cody Pierce, CEO.