Altada Technology Solutions and Beacon AI to host their ‘Global State of Privacy’ virtual event on September 15th

Altada Technology

Altada Technology Solutions and Beacon AI will host their virtual event, ‘The Global State of Privacy,’ on September 15th at 11 am GMT, supported by partners Cork BIC, Mason Hayes & Curran, and Glandore.

The event will host a keynote on ‘Data Intelligence in a Changing World’ with Stijn Christiaens, co-founder and CTO at Collibra. Christiaens says, “Our world is being dragged into its new normal, pushing digital on the fast track. As organizations increasingly reap data’s rewards, and algorithms affect our education, our careers, our health, we are starting to realize that data is getting personal. It is time to make our organization’s data intelligent.” We will also have two panels focusing on the global state of privacy and CCPA legislation respectively. Both panels will feature global industry leaders in privacy and data protection. The event will have an international audience being broadcast virtually.

Featured speakers are Gordon Wade, Data Protection Officer & Legal Counsel at Hostelworld Group; Alexander Hanff, CEO & Privacy Evangelist at Think Privacy; Tara Taubman Bassirian of Data Rainbow who was voted Privacy Hero in 2018; Allan Beechinor, CEO & co-founder of Altada Technology Solutions; Paul Doyle, Partner at Beta Digital; Rui Freitas Serrano, Data Protection Officer; Gail Chalmin, Data Protection Consultant; Niamh Parker, CEO & co-founder of Beacon AI and a Áine Quirke, Privacy and Data Security Associate at Mason Hayes & Curran. The event will be moderated by JT Lewis, Strategy and Growth Officer at Altada.

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Beacon AI CEO Niamh Parker says, “Global State of Privacy is to mark the launch of our CCPA software solution ‘CCPA Data Privacy Navigator.’ We have a really exciting lineup of industry leaders and innovators. Privacy has been a very popular topic in recent media and our aim with this event is to educate businesses on how privacy by design is fundamental to their success. Our audience will learn how to better manage their data and the importance of privacy in the global marketplace, especially in relation to CCPA which came into effect on January 1st, 2020 and enforcement began July 1st”.

The CCPA is a piece of legislation that focuses on Consumer Data Protection rights for California residents. It is of global significance as California is the biggest economy in the US and as home to Silicon Valley, an enormous amount of global data falls under this jurisdiction. The CCPA enables consumers to request a copy of the data that companies hold on them, erase their data from the system, and demand that their data isn’t sold to third parties. This will have big implications on advertising, notably affecting the tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

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Altada Technology Solutions CEO and Co-Founder Allan Beechinor say, “Privacy must be embedded within your organization to build a data architecture that provides sound information to make data-driven decisions for your management strategy. By implementing privacy by design you take privacy into account at every stage of business and you greatly reduce your risk of non-compliance which can lead to fines.”

Companies with an online presence have the potential to sell to California consumers, and as a result, will need to conform to the CCPA legislation. With a really exciting lineup of industry experts and innovators, they will be able to convey how and why your company will need to comply with CCPA and potential consequences in cases of non-compliance.