anch.AI Launches Ethical AI Governance Platform, Guiding Organizations to Responsibly Adopt Artificial Intelligence

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Today, anch.AI publicly launched its new ethical artificial intelligence (AI) platform that will serve as a centralized location for organizations seeking responsible AI governance. anch.AI’s comprehensive Ethical Governance Platform suite of services includes screening, assessment, auditing, mitigation, and reporting tools, allowing data-driven organizations and their respective tech, legal, and business teams to manage compliance and assess risk exposures on any AI solutions within their environment.

Today’s business environment and the need for compliance with existing and upcoming regulations underscores the need for sound AI frameworks, however, development and adoption of this technology often occur in siloes. To address the common lack of ethical AI integration across business, tech, and legal units, anch.AI’s platform enables cross-organizational alignment and provides companies the ability to detect and remedy ethical AI risks such as discrimination, unintended bias, and privacy intrusion. With anch.AI, organizations can efficiently and quickly adopt responsible AI solutions, gain control over their ethical AI risks, all while upholding regulatory compliance and conformity to ethical principles.

“Ethical AI is not just about mitigating legal and reputational risk, it’s the right thing to do to gain trust among stakeholders and clients,” said Anna Felländer, founder of anch.AI. “Beyond compliance measures, organizations need to be accountable for their use of AI. Our platform arms companies with what they need for joint responsibility across teams, and empowers them to visualize all ethical considerations and trade-offs, keeping them true to human values as well as their own organizational values.”

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With upcoming EU regulations on reporting requirements for AI and environmental, social, and governance (ESG), anch.AI’s platform provides recommendations for businesses to avoid costly and damaging risks by:

  • Screening specific AI solutions for ethical pitfalls or entire organizations for ethical AI risk exposure through anch.AI’s extensive research-backed self-assessment questions that evaluates risk through various lenses.
  • Assessing ethical vulnerabilities the AI solution or the organization is exposed to, and if it might be harmful and lead to reputational breaches or legal breaches through detailed analysis.
  • Leveraging mitigation tools based on specific risk exposure.
  • Auditing ethical AI performance on a continuous basis and receiving maturity benchmarks for internal and external use.
  • Reporting on ethical AI performance and progress with legal, business, and tech stakeholders.

Through anch.AI’s Ethical Governance Platform, the company’s customer base of more than 20 organizations is able to gain faster market acceptance and maintain public and stakeholder trust.

“We have the highest standards and can’t afford any kind of ethical risk exposure in our AI projects,” said Göran Sundin, AI strategist at Swedish Tax Agency. “anch.AI is a trusted partner of three years, supporting us to achieve ethical AI through transparency and alignment across our organization.”

“The upcoming EU regulation on AI will require cross-functional engagements and new governance around AI,” said Beatrice Sablone, a chief digital officer at the Swedish Employment Agency. “anch.AI is a crucial partner for us to prepare and audit our AI.”

Combient Mix, a leading provider of services that accelerate the creation of value from Data and AI to major Nordic companies, is one of anch.AI’s early partners. “AI moves ever closer to the heart of any large corporation’s digital transition,” said the company’s vice president of business development, Patrik Rosenberg.

“ dismantles silos between tech, business, and legal through its intuitive framework. This is a crucial step to move beyond compliance and into AI solutions worthy of a sustainable digital future for corporations and end-users alike.”

Organizations can access anch.AI’s Ethical Governance Platform for free at The platform will be continuously updated as new compliance and regulatory measures are announced, with additional functionalities such as gender screening, human rights assessments, and EU regulation assessment coming out in late 2022.

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