AppSealing and NAVER Launches the Foremost Solution to Secure Hybrid Apps

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AppSealing and NAVER Launches the Foremost Solution to Secure Hybrid Apps

The market leader in mobile app security AppSealing has announced the introduction of a new feature to its suite of security services. Now, it protects hybrid apps as well. It’s new and existing clients, which include industry bigwigs in the fields of fintech, gaming, OTT, ecommerce, etc., can add an AppSealing security layer between the native shell and the web app to secure their hybrid apps and protect their network infrastructure and their users’ devices and data.

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Following DevOps logic, hybrid apps are essentially web applications wrapped in a native shell of a mobile operating system. Their popularity rests on the promise of reduced development time and cost. Developers focus on delivering updated apps to clients in the shortest possible time and, hence, do not bother enough about its security features or are not equipped to address security concerns. It makes hybrid apps vulnerable to security attacks. Noticing this gap, AppSealing now offers its cutting-edge technology to protect both the JavaScript source code and the Android native code in hybrid apps, just as it protects native apps.

James Sungmin Ahn, CEO of INKA Entworks, the company that owns AppSealing, says, “There is pressure on developers to release feature-heavy apps quickly. The developer community has responded by adopting DevOps and rolling out hybrid apps. AppSealing equips developers to fill the security gap that emerges out of adopting this approach. AppSealing’s trademark features, like real-time threat monitoring, ability to stop reverse engineering, and code protection, are available for hybrid apps now.”

An important proposition in the security set-up of native and hybrid apps is the use of a secure web browser since attackers tend to exploit security holes in browsing habits of users. AppSealing’s secure WebView for android is the only unique solution that plugs this gap and delivers Chromium-based WebView security, which is compatible with android WebView API, integrated with NAVER XWhale (WebView) used for NAVER apps.

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Hyo Kim, Whale Leader of NAVER Corporation, says, “AppSealing is the preferred choice of mobile app developers for securing apps in real-time. Our Whale browser has made a name for itself in protecting susceptible users against phishing and malware attacks. Hybrid app developers can benefit from this partnership by using the secure browsing promise of NAVER X Whale (Webview) and real-time threat monitoring mechanism of AppSealing.”