Aratek unveils 4-4-2 ten-digit print for large-scale projects

Aratek unveils 4-4-2 ten-digit print for large-scale projects-01

Aratek  recently launched the A900, a ten-finger fingerprint reader designed specifically for heavy use in large-scale applications.

The A900 was designed to provide superior image quality that exceeds the strict standards set by the FBI for the use of Livescan systems (rollers, single capture capability and 4 fingers) and plated fingerprint sets (fingerprints tackles 4-4-2).

The most recent fingerprint reader offered by Aratek is an Fingerprint Acquisition Profile (FAP 60 ) certified by the FBI (Appendix F). It is protected by a rugged IP65 housing, which is dustproof and makes it impermeable to moisture. This makes the A900 the ideal fingerprint solution in any situation, even in the most difficult environments.

“With the pandemic forcing businesses and governments to seriously think about the priority implementation of a digital strategy, identification and authentication will continue to provide the security foundation for this progress towards full digitization,” commented Samuel Wu, vice president of Aratek for the international affairs division.

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Samuel Wu added that in high growth regions like Africa, the A900 is well positioned to be the backbone of digital identity solutions for applications that will soon become fully digital like finance and banking, national identification, voter registration, enumeration, law enforcement, electronic passport and visas.

“Digital identity is transforming trade and governance in Africa and making a real difference in the lives of our fellow citizens. In Togo , authorities have discovered innovative uses for the new biometric digital identity card, moving away from its traditional use as a voter ID to use it for other purposes, such as during confinement. , where it greatly facilitated the distribution of aid. Citizens only need to present their digital ID card to obtain financial assistance. What is more practical than that? Said Samuel Wu.

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The A900 features a built-in 2.8 “LCD screen and speakerphone that combine to give users a step-by-step audio-visual overview of the entire registration process ( sequence, position, registration success and registration failure, etc.).

Security is an important feature of the A900, which uses AES-256 encryption to ensure that fingerprint data is not compromised in transit, as well as real-time fingerprint detection (LFD, Live Finger Detection ) to prevent identity theft fraud. The A900 also supports ISO19794-2, ISO19794-4, ANSI 378, ANSI 381, and WSQ standards to enable data interoperability between organizations.

The A900’s durable platter is designed to reject residue and is capable of capturing excellent images from any type of finger: dirty, dry, wet or rough.

The A900 comes with a full SDK, in line with Aratek’s particular attention to development and integration, support for sequence verification, NFIQ fingerprint image quality control, and multi-finger image segmentation ( slaps ) for fingerprint acquisition 4-4-2.

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