Armis Announces Availability of Armis Asset Management

Armis Announces Availability

New Standalone Offering Delivers 5X the Visibility for Effective Cybersecurity Asset Management.

Armis®, the leading agentless device security platform, today announced the release of Armis Asset Management, a new standalone offering that delivers 5X more visibility than any other solution in the market today.

Through Armis’ one-of-a-kind Device Knowledgebase, which is the largest in the world tracking more than 500 million assets daily, and hundreds of available adapters to seamlessly integrate with existing IT and security solutions now coupled with a global deployment in as little as 45 minutes through Armis Asset Management, IT and security professionals are provided with the immediate visibility needed to see all devices without accessing any network appliance. Fortune 100 and Global 2000 enterprises such as Docusign, Mondeléz, and Sysco have chosen Armis for its asset management capabilities.

One of the biggest challenges IT and security teams face continues to be that they do not have a clear picture or understanding of all the assets – laptops, servers, cloud, virtual or IoT – in their environment. Subsequently, they spend a lot of time and manual effort trying to identify all the assets they have, whether those assets are secure, and whether they adhere to or deviate from their security policies.

What’s more, growth in the number of siloed IT and security management tools that are being deployed for every different need has created a fragmentation of tools, resulting in the inability to have a single source of truth that can provide an accurate picture of everything in your environment. With this lack of visibility to all devices, fragmentation across tools and systems, and broken remediation, security teams cannot efficiently, credibly, and automatically manage their security.

“With the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, securely enabling employees to work from home long-term, and the adoption of 5G, there is even more of an explosion of connected devices and most organizations do not fully know what assets they have, where they are connected, what vulnerabilities and risks they pose, and what policies they comply with resulting in a massive blind spot. This blind spot creates compliance issues and opportunities to be exploited by bad actors,” said Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO at Armis. “Our customers, including many Fortune 100 organizations, have a critical need for one source of truth for all assets and to eliminate the blind spot, and the solution we’ve delivered to market addresses that across any industry, with no costly deployment and near zero effort.”

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Voice of the Customer:

“We chose Armis for our security and asset management needs at Docusign. Actionable visibility was critical as a part of our overall security strategy. Armis has a game changing approach that lets us see more assets and devices than we ever thought we had, and more than any other solution we looked at – by far the best in the industry. I’ve used them before for anything from IT hygiene, policy validation and compliance, and device security, and Armis is the best tool in the market.” Emily Heath, SVP, Chief Trust & Security Officer at DocuSign.

Eliminating the Asset Management Blind Spot

Armis Asset Management eliminates the security blind spot and provides 5X the visibility by:

  • Providing a complete inventory of all assets – Identifies and classifies all assets (managed, virtual, cloud, unmanaged or IoT) in your environment by combining data from other systems to create one source of truth for all your assets and devices.

  • Identifying vulnerabilities, risks, and gaps – Reduces risks and security issues, identifying devices, apps, operating systems, CVE’s & severity, etc., and assigning risk scores to all assets.

  • Automating enforcement of security policies – Integrates with your IT and security management solutions to orchestrate actions such as notifying SOC systems, deploying endpoint agents, running a vulnerability scan, even blocking or quarantining devices.

  • Simplifying deployment and increasing visibility – Delivers comprehensive visibility with an extremely quick and effortless deployment, with hundreds of available adapters without costly network appliances or scanners.

Based on deployments across multiple customers, Armis has seen the blind spot and “fragmentation effect” that results from legacy systems. On average, Armis sees almost 5x more assets over existing systems from standalone CMDB to EDR and Vulnerability Management solutions.


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Data based on review of 28 sample Global 2000 customers with deployments of more than 10 locations each, and a combined visibility of over 110M devices.

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