ARO Announces Partnership with Changepoint-based PMO Solution

ARO Announces Partnership with Changepoint-based PMO Solution

Now more than ever, up to date insight into your investments is critical to informed decision making. Establishing a platform that provides a full portfolio management solution – not just a tactical task management tool – is where firms need to be.

Through a multi-year, hands on, due diligence process of using various technologies to manage portfolios & projects, ARO is excited to announce its partnership with Changepoint (now a part of Planview) to offer a PMO solution comprised of ARO’s deep project management expertise using leading Changepoint products.

This offers a unique combination of strategic insight and analytics into critical projects and entire business portfolios. With its top-down approach, ARO can leverage Changepoint to deliver powerful overviews of a client portfolio, individual projects, or deep dives into the details when needed.

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“I have first-hand experience on the value PMO brings to executives, project managers, and project teams. ARO’s deep PMO and project management expertise partnered with Changepoint’s leading solutions, will simplify an organization’s entire portfolio of projects.” states Jason Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of ARO.

ARO is confident that the combination of expertise with Changepoint’s leading technology solution will exceed the expectations of clients. ARO’s PMO service enlightens executives by providing dashboards, key performance indicators and metrics needed to quantify and qualify the information they need to support the decisions that directly impact portfolio performance and value.

ARO will leverage the Changepoint solution in several ways, for virtual PMO implementations; to execute project management; and to provide training and guidance within client environments to empower their project team members.

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