Athreon Launches New Cybersecurity Division

Athreon Launches New Cybersecurity Division

Athreon, a leading business and knowledge process outsourcing company, announced today it is adding cybersecurity consulting to its portfolio of outsourced solutions.

The new service provides security risk analyses, dark web scans, simulated phishing campaigns, and video-based workforce training supported by real-time security metrics. Athreon created its robust cybersecurity solution to help businesses combat the cyber threats that all companies face, regardless of size or industry.

“With so many businesses transitioning to remote work in 2020, we knew it was time to share our expertise to help other businesses strengthen their security posture,” says Sterling Garde, Athreon’s President. Sterling elaborates, “Athreon has assembled an impressive team of educators, software developers, and legal minds with a deep understanding of information technology, security, privacy, and the law.”

Although Athreon has a solid track record for protecting its distributed global workforce against security threats for many years, a lot of companies don’t know where to start or how to improve. Athreon’s employee vulnerability assessment changes that.

Features and benefits of Athreon’s new cybersecurity solution include:

  • Comprehensive security risk assessments, including Dark Web scans
  • Intellectual property development that supports regulatory compliance
  • Enterprise-grade management portal with real-time employee risk metrics
  • Engaging, thorough, and relevant web-based cybersecurity training courses
  • Tools that gamify cybersecurity training and motivate employees to learn

Know about Importance of Hardware Security

Athreon reports that unintentional human error accounts for growing numbers of data breaches, which is why technology alone is insufficient to safeguard businesses. Because humans present such a significant security risk to businesses, continuing education matters.

With security breaches linked to severe fines and penalties, reputational damage, and business closures, not having a cybersecurity strategy is hazardous. Athreon’s cybersecurity solution addresses organizational cyberhealth holistically through threat discovery, employee surveying, education, compliance, and breach response.

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