AuthenticID Launches Identity Pass


AuthenticID, a global leader in identity proofing and fraud prevention solutions, announced today it has launched Identity Pass, a next-generation digital identity wallet. Identity Pass is a single tool to store and manage an individual’s identity verification documents, including identity cards, drivers licenses, and passports.

The Identity Pass app replaces the need for physical IDs and allows consumers to provide proof of identity digitally and in the real world instantly, with complete control over who they share information with, and no passwords to remember.

Identity Pass creates a digital identity credential based on advanced, automated ID verification and biometric authentication. Users can self enroll at the identity assurance level required by a business.

For businesses, Identity Pass provides a streamlined user experience with reduced operational expense and powerful fraud protection. Government entities and enterprise businesses can utilize this app within their own workflows to offer customers a streamlined online experience while ensuring they have the highest confidence in customer verification and security.

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The Identity Pass app can be utilized for passwordless login, multi-factor and step-up authentication, age verification, KYC/KYB compliance, and more, while fulfilling all government security requirements.

“A person’s most precious asset is their identity,” said Jeff Jani, CEO of AuthenticID. “With Identity Pass, AuthenticID has developed a solution that ensures individuals can be in complete control of their identity, and access the apps and services they want instantly and safely. We’re proud to continue establishing a new frontier of identity affirmation across the digital and physical worlds.”

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