Axiad Unveils Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA)


Axiad, a leading provider of enterprise-wide passwordless orchestration, today announced support for certificate-based authentication (CBA), a part of Microsoft Entra. Certificate-based authentication offers users a more secure, phish-resistant form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and is an essential part of the U.S. Executive Order to adopt a Zero Trust architecture. With integrated support for CBA, Axiad Cloud makes it easy for Azure users to implement phish-resistant MFA and ensures a seamless migration from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

CBA is increasingly deployed in the public sector. The majority of federal agency and defense employees/contractors use a PIV (Personal Identity Verification) card or CAC (Common Access Card) both forms of smart card for authentication. CBA simplifies the process of authenticating to Azure AD using PIV/CAC based smart cards and meets the federal government’s requirement to move to phish-resistant MFA solutions.

Axiad’s support for CBA makes it easier for Microsoft users to move to the cloud from on-prem solutions such as Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). Axiad Cloud, the company’s integrated authentication platform, seamlessly automates the provisioning of a wide range of MFA credentials with Azure Active Directory, including CBA with PKI, Windows Hello for Business, and additional authentication methods such as OTP, and FIDO, addressing every authentication need without requiring any on-premises dependencies.

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“Axiad is committed to providing fully integrated, passwordless solutions for Microsoft Entra users as they move from legacy on-prem to the cloud,” said Bassam Al-Khalidi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Axiad. “We’re proud to partner with Microsoft to help Entra customers become more phish-resistant through CBA, and to help them take a critical step forward to adopting a Zero Trust strategy.”

“Microsoft is passionate about helping our federal and commercial customers move to the cloud in as seamless and secure a way as possible,” said Sue Bohn, VP of Product Management, Microsoft Identity and Network Access. “We are pleased to see Axiad’s support for CBA, as it helps simplify our customers’ path to implement phish-resistant MFA.”

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