Axiado to Demonstrate New Smart Secure Control Module Technology at OCP Global Summit

Axiado-to-Demonstrate-New-Smart-Secure-Control-Module-Technology-at-OCP-Global-Summit (1)

Axiado Corporation, an AI-enhanced hardware security company, plans to demonstrate its datacenter-ready secure control module (DC-SCM) solution powered by a trusted control/compute unit (TCU) technology at the 2022 OCP Global Summit.

Executive leadership from Axiado will be available at the OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF) booth #C32 at the OCP Global Summit in San Jose, Calif., October 18-20, to demo their Smart SCM security hardware prototype. The company’s technology delivers security management and ransomware detection for cloud data centers, 5G networks and other disaggregated compute ecosystems. A live demonstration will be shown on the IBM® Power System™ AC922 server.

“We at the OCP Community are excited to see new innovators like Axiado adopting OCP’s DC-SCM standard as they aim to increase security and transparency in hardware security,” said Rebecca Weekly, the Chairperson of Open Compute Project (OCP) and VP Hardware Systems at Cloudflare.

“The industry today is looking to drastically improve security. Axiado’s Smart SCM is a great example of how secure and trusted solutions are achieved when open-source collaboration is prioritized and open technologies are combined across communities. I’m excited to see that Microwatt, a community developed OpenPOWER core, is being used in this solution to bring increased security to the datacenter,” said Mendy Furmanek, President of OPF and IBM Director of POWER Open Source Business Development.

James Kulina, Executive Director of the OpenPOWER Foundation, continued, “Axiado has demonstrated the immediate benefit that open-source technologies and their communities have on rapid innovation and commercialization of solutions that solve tangible and important pain points in the distributed computing ecosystem. Axiado’s solution is exactly the kind of innovative outcome we want to see from the OpenPOWER Community members.”

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Axiado’s President and CEO Gopi Sirineni added, “This is an important milestone for Axiado as it highlights our commitment to the Foundation and greater technical collaboration. We are very excited to collaborate with the OPF and demo our TCU technology for the first time ever at the OCP Global Summit. Axiado Smart SCM fills several gaps by eliminating fundamental security problems, like ransomware, via its ground-up built and integrated solution that minimizes the attack surface in distributed, multi-tenant cloud infrastructures.”

During OCP, OpenPOWER Foundation will display a number of solutions that are the direct result of both strong open technologies and a community that supports collaboration. “At Axiado, we were able to take several great technology ideas, expand on them, and ultimately deliver more performance than what would typically be available with an off-the-shelf hardware security solution,” explained Josel Lorenzo, VP of Products.

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