BenefitMall Announces Partnership with CyberScout

BenefitMall Announces Partnership with CyberScout (1)

BenefitMall, the leading provider of next generation broker services, today announced a partnership with CyberScout, a global leader in cybersecurity, identity theft resolution and employee benefits services. BenefitMall brokers will now be able to offer CyberScout’s cybersecurity education and identity theft services as a voluntary or employee-sponsored benefit to clients.

Employees can utilize CyberScout’s expertise through breach education, preparation, response and remediation as well as fraud, credit and reputation monitoring. CyberScout can also be a cybersecurity and data privacy consulting resource for BenefitMall broker portfolio clients.

“We believe that CyberScout’s services will help our broker channels better equip our network of small and medium-sized businesses for success,” said Tiffany Stiller, vice president of Carrier Relations for BenefitMall. “Employee peace of mind is invaluable, and CyberScout’s services provide just that.”

The rise in data breaches has increased concerns about identity theft and the unauthorized release of personal data. A recent study conducted by CyberScout found that 69 percent of people admitted they would spend “work” time resolving identity theft issues.  More businesses are offering identity theft services as a voluntary employee benefit because of identity theft’s hindrance to productivity.

“Employees impacted by cyber issues such as fraud, identity theft, cyberbullying, ransom attack and extortion quickly become distracted and less productive employees,” said Justin Oliver, vice president, employee benefits for CyberScout. “Including identity theft protection services and cyber insurance as employee benefits is critical in today’s business landscape to ensure the workforce can quickly resolve cyber issues with minimal stress.”

Employer-sponsored and voluntary rates for CyberScout are now available to all BenefitMall brokers and their clients. Employer breach services are available for no additional charge when rates are employer-paid.

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