BetterCloud and OneLogin Partner to Transform How Enterprises Access, Manage and Secure SaaS Environments

BetterCloud, OneLogin, Secure SaaS Environments
BetterCloud and OneLogin Partner to Transform How Enterprises Access_ Manage and Secure SaaS Environments

BetterCloud, the leading SaaSOps platform for managing and securing the digital workplace, announced a strategic partnership and technology integration with OneLogin, a leader in identity and access management. Together, BetterCloud and OneLogin automate end-to-end User Lifecycle Management (ULM), from identity and access workflows — like user provisioning, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) — to operational management and security tasks such as advanced onboarding / offboarding, activity-based alerts, and content scanning.

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“Given the majority of companies have gone fully remote due to the current climate, it’s more important than ever that IT gain full control over their SaaS environments — and our partnership gives them the capabilities to do just that,” said Shreyas Sadalgi, Chief Business Strategy Officer, BetterCloud. “OneLogin authenticates user identity and secures user connections to SaaS applications; BetterCloud manages and secures user data and interactions within those same applications. Together, we maximize operational efficiency for joint customers, and give them the confidence and peace of mind to enable their workforces without compromising data and user security.”

Through the strategic integration of the complementary platforms, BetterCloud and OneLogin help IT admins address the following use cases:

  • Advanced Onboarding and Offboarding: BetterCloud and OneLogin work together seamlessly to fully automate end-to-end user onboarding and offboarding. As the unified cloud directory, OneLogin performs the initial identity actions such as provisioning user accounts and assigning the appropriate access permissions and security policies to end-users. BetterCloud workflows monitor changes being made in OneLogin and perform a wide range of advanced onboarding and offboarding administrative actions natively within specific SaaS applications. By leveraging BetterCloud and OneLogin, organizations can ensure that users automatically have the correct level of access and permissions to applications, data, groups, files, and other in-app configurations throughout their lifecycles.
  • Mid-Lifecycle Management: With BetterCloud and OneLogin, IT teams can easily update user access rights and automate IT processes around cross-boarding, such as when an employee changes roles or is promoted at the company. OneLogin updates user access permissions, applications (within their login portal), and security policies based on the employee’s new role in real-time. BetterCloud completes the cycle by automating the workflows for executing ongoing changes within applications for all users. Together, the joint solution dramatically reduces the time spent on managing individual accounts and minimizes the risk of misconfiguration errors.
  • Enhanced Security & Data Protection: BetterCloud and OneLogin work together to implement a least privilege access model by granting users the minimum amount of permissions needed to complete a task, ensuring the security of users and their actions at both a macro and granular level. OneLogin provides comprehensive and centralized reporting for all user management and authentication events. BetterCloud leverages identity context from OneLogin, and data from specific SaaS applications, to provide IT, teams, with greater visibility into user behavior and data management across their users. BetterCloud also enables IT teams to protect their company data from the risk of insider threats, both malicious and negligent, by monitoring and enforcing policies across files, users, and groups, as well as scanning for sensitive content.

“Bringing together OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform with BetterCloud’s SaaSOps solutions is a powerful partnership that will continue to transform the ways companies manage and secure their environments,” said Matt Hurley, VP of Global Channels, Strategic Alliances, and Professional Services, OneLogin. “BetterCloud’s technology automates daily IT admin tasks while securing and monitoring user data and interactions, and joining forces will let us provide greater IT operational efficiency for organizations.”

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Dozens of joint BetterCloud and OneLogin customers are the first to benefit from the new partnership and integration:

“Both BetterCloud and OneLogin have been indispensable to helping our IT team keep our employees productive while protecting our critical business data,” said Shams Mansoor, Sr. Manager of IT, Evernote. “Now that they’re partnering, we will be able to streamline IT administrative tasks to boost operational efficiency.”

“Managing user permissions, privileges and activity used to be a Herculean task,” said Sarah Bly, Head of IT Operations, N3TWORK Inc. “Today, OneLogin helps us control who is trying to access our systems, while BetterCloud automates all IT admin activities and lets us see exactly how our employees are handling files and other pieces of important business data. Together, they are a powerhouse and provide a must-have solution for any company running its business on SaaS.”

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