BetterCloud And VMware To Fuel The SaaS-powered Digital Workplace

BetterCloud And VMware To Fuel The SaaS-powered Digital Workplace

BetterCloud, the leading SaaS Management Platform provider, today announced it has partnered with VMware to reimagine the SaaS-powered digital workplace—by unifying the employee experience with greater security and automation to empower today’s remote workforce.

Complementary to VMware Anywhere Workspace, VMware will now offer ‘VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud’ to help customers to improve their employees’ experience, embrace a zero trust security approach, and boost productivity via automation. This solution extends VMware Anywhere Workspace technologies —VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon—with one of the industry’s leading SaaS Management Platform.

“Today’s highly distributed organizations are up against fragmented security, operational complexity and subpar user experiences,” said Bharath Rangarajan, vice president of product management, End User Computing, VMware. “IT must reimagine how to enable seamless, more secure workspaces without imposing friction or limitations as employees access apps from everywhere.

VMware’s partnership with BetterCloud offers to our customers a pre-integrated solution to automate and centralize management and security of their complex SaaS app environments, while reducing operational overhead.”

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VMware SaaS App Management powered by BetterCloud offers a holistic management and security platform that goes beyond on-premises, desktop and mobile apps to SaaS applications. Through the partnership, customers will benefit from:

  • Improved employee experience: Enable employees to have access to all apps and resources they need to perform most effectively. Deliver comprehensive visibility of all SaaS apps used across the company, and visualize app redundancies and optimize license utilization.
  • Enhanced security for the distributed edge: Enable assignment of the right level of access to avoid data breaches and obstruct insider threats. Mitigate security risks by setting up guardrails for user activity, and gain precise control of least-privilege access to keep corporate assets more secure.
  • Automation of the workspace: Automate manual, day-to-day tasks from onboarding to offboarding, configuration changes, and more. Optimize operations by automating SaaS app configuration and access.

“VMware and BetterCloud share a vision to make the future of modern, remote work as secure and productive as possible,” said Shreyas Sadalgi, Chief Strategy Officer, BetterCloud.

“We are also deeply committed to helping mutual customers manage IT application proliferation by eliminating many of the manual, error-prone tasks involved in securing and managing users, devices and applications across the digital workplace. Through this partnership, we aim to have no organization have to choose between security or employee productivity.”

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