BeyondID Reveals Initiative to Expedite Zero Trust with Okta Identity Engine

BeyondID Reveals Initiative to Expedite Zero Trust with Okta Identity Engine

BeyondID, a leading managed identity services provider of cybersecurity and cloud services, today announced it is helping organizations deliver on their zero trust strategy by expediting their upgrades to the Okta Identity Engine (OIE). BeyondID’s services offer customers a clear upgrade roadmap, including implementing comprehensive security features such as passwordless protection and Okta FastPass.

Okta’s updated OIE platform delivers a secure passwordless experience with phishing resistant authenticators in a flexible and scalable identity platform as the foundation of zero trust architecture.

It allows users to keep up with ever-evolving digital identity and user experience requirements, and provides a consistent user experience across all platforms and devices. BeyondID facilitates a seamless upgrade from Okta Classic Engine to OIE and integrates apps and tools to ensure a higher adoption of new OIE features.

“There is no one-size-fits all solution when helping companies prepare to upgrade to a new platform. Organizations want flexibility and consistency across platforms and applications, and it requires an intelligent zero trust approach to provide a standardized and user-friendly experience,” said Arun Shrestha, CEO and co-founder of BeyondID. “As a trusted Okta implementation partner with hundreds of implementations under our belt, BeyondID has the experience and expertise needed to help customers successfully deploy and realize the many benefits of Okta Identity Engine.”

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“Okta is on a mission to eliminate passwords because poor password practices and phishing continue to be leading causes of security incidents,” said Arnab Bose, Chief Product Officer at Okta. “Okta Identity Engine’s passwordless authentication with phishing resistance factors can put customers on the path towards a passwordless future. Our partnership with BeyondID empowers customers to accelerate their OIE deployments and maximize their Okta investment.”

BeyondID’s initiative offers implementation support and is established to provide on-demand knowledge and support for customers in the process of upgrading to OIE. Customers can set up an on-demand support agreement, determine the level of service required and begin their migration immediately.

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