Blancco Partners with Deloitte to Reduce Enterprise Cyber Risk in India

reduce enterprise cyber risk in India

Deloitte to include secure, regulation-compliant data sanitization as cloud migration accelerates

Blancco Technology Group, the industry leader in software-based data erasure, has announced adding Deloitte India, one of the leading advisory firms in southern Asia, as a Silver reseller. This adds data erasure solutions to an already robust set of Deloitte cyber risk offerings.

COVID-19 has hastened Indian public cloud adoption and decreased infrastructure spend as organizations transition to work-from-home processes. Cyberthreats have also increased, many targeting remote workers.

Blancco’s data erasure software protects enterprises from unauthorized data access. By removing data when it’s no longer needed, data erasure renders sensitive data inaccessible while keeping storage assets usable. Blancco software also validates erasures with audit-ready reports. This data erasure and verification is often required for:

  • Cloud migrations: Whether part of crisis response or planned transitions, Indian enterprises must sanitize former storage drives and servers quickly and efficiently to minimize vulnerability.
  • Device decommissioning: When servers, loose drives, computers, or mobile phones are decommissioned, sensitive data must be erased to prevent future access.

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  • Active environments: To comply with “right to be forgotten” requests, or to remove sensitive data from endpoint locations such as employee devices, enterprises must be able to erase files and folders while assets remain in use.
  • Archived data: Often stored for legal or compliance reasons, archived data must be erased at the end of its retention period.

‘Data managers must minimize risk to financial, health, personal and other sensitive information’, said Fredrik Forslund, Blancco Vice President of Enterprise and Cloud Erasure Solutions. ‘By offering certified data erasure to completely and efficiently remove sensitive data across a variety of environments and devices, Deloitte enables Indian organizations to protect against data breaches, comply with increasing data protection regulations and get the most value out of their IT assets’.

Rohit Mahajan, President- Risk Advisory, Deloitte India said, ‘While the dynamic flexibility and scalability of the cloud enables organizations to adapt to digital demands and embrace digital transformation, it also introduces new risks ranging from process risks, cyber risks and compliance risks tied with the common thread of data sensitivity’.

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By adding data erasure to its service portfolio, Deloitte reaffirms its cybersecurity advisory expertise and its commitment to providing data protection throughout the data lifecycle—a growing concern amid changing data protection laws and pandemic-accelerated cloud migrations.

‘As the business world evolves to a new normal’, Mahajan continued, ‘there is an immediate need for organizations to embed data erasure processes to mitigate against rising security threats, including data breaches and misuse stemming from the lack of a thoughtful risk strategy of a business’.