Bolster, Inc. Introduces Four New Digital Risk Protection Capabilities

Bolster, Inc. Introduces Four New Digital Risk Protection Capabilities
Bolster, Inc. Introduces Four New Digital Risk Protection Capabilities

Bolster, Inc., the automated digital risk protection company, announced today the addition of four new platform modules: social media, app store, marketplace, and dark web monitoring. With these new additions, Bolster becomes the first solution to offer such comprehensive digital risk protection in one platform.

Customers can take advantage of a full suite of digital risk protection services powered by Bolster’s industry-leading artificial intelligence. Bolster’s AI powers its domain protection product, which offers automated detection, analysis, and takedown capabilities. With 95% of all responses requiring no manual intervention, most fraudulent sites are removed while they are still in the build and pre-build phase; before they can do any damage.

Bolster customers can now use Bolster’s AI to monitor and protect their brand across four additional attack surfaces.

  • Social Media: detects and removes social media posts promoting counterfeit products, fake profiles, and scam offers.
  • App Stores: monitoring, detection, & take down of fraudulent apps & scam sites across all major app stores & 3rd party app stores, 500+ in total.
  • Marketplaces: monitors and detects fraudulent marketplace listings with natural language processing.
  • Dark Web: automated detection and intelligence to proactively identify and defend against future attacks that originate in the dark web.

By combining these 4 features with the company’s flagship domain monitoring product, the Bolster platform provides a unique advantage to its customers by avoiding the deployment of separate tools for each use case. This consolidation of features provides a simplified user interface where fraud detection across the enterprise can be viewed and coordinated through a single pane of glass.

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“Bolster is the only digital risk protection platform that has consolidated all five features into a single platform,” said Abhishek Dubey, co-founder and CEO of Bolster, Inc. “It’s been rewarding to see the value Bolster has been able to provide its customers through the consolidation of features, allowing them to cut down on additional platform expenses.”

Customers are already seeing the benefits of the new offering, especially social media monitoring, a favorite medium for malicious actors. Bolster not only detects and removes fake profiles and scam offers across 14 different social media platforms, it also detects and removes brand infringements. Effective social media brand protection takes time to gather the intelligence needed to build a convincing case that a profile is malicious. For these reasons, many enterprises lack the time, expertise, and budget to mitigate threats. It’s critical that companies take an automated approach to detection and takedowns across social media sites to eliminate impersonations, financial scams, counterfeit ads, or reputational risks such as defamatory claims or unauthorized brand associations.

“Bolster is delivering on innovation in record time to seamlessly detect and take down deceptive domains, websites, and fake products in minutes,” said Shashi Prakash, co-founder and CTO of Bolster, Inc. “At Bolster, we believe that a safe internet is like clean water – a universal right.”

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