Catalogic Software Strengthens Proactive Ransomware Shield; Broadens Data Protection for Azure and Google Clouds


Catalogic Software, a leading provider of smart data protection solutions, today announced the release and general availability of the latest version of Catalogic DPX, the company’s enterprise data protection software. DPX 4.9 builds on GuardMode, first introduced in July, now available for Linux servers and Samba shares and DPX vPlus, cloud data protection for Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure Stack and Google Compute Engine VMs. With these updates, Catalogic delivers one of the widest data protection and backup coverage matrices for private, public and hybrid-cloud environments.

“GuardMode is an amazing feature that completes the DPX enterprise protection offering. Taking advantage of a database of known malicious patterns, while deploying honeypots to trap the bad guys and algorithms that monitor suspicious behavior, DPX provides holistic, 360-degree protection for enterprise IT infrastructure,” said Fabio Gastaldi, Managing Director, Advnet. “It is a game-changing solution that should not be missing from any company’s tech stack.”

DPX GuardMode is complementary to endpoint and edge protection, changing a backup team’s cybersecurity posture from reactive to proactive with intuitive, granular detection of affected data. DPX GuardMode monitors files and file system behavior, including over the network, instead of relying on specific binary fingerprints. Honeypots utilized as decoys to back up a multi-level forensic layer of protection ensure the capture of the many, ever-evolving ransomware strains.

“It is the responsibility of every company to do all they can to harden their cybersecurity stance. This includes monitoring that the data they are backing up has not been compromised by ransomware, and that they can recover their systems and data from their backups,” said Timo Fischer, System Architect, Campus Computer Systems. “With the GuardMode agent in the new DPX 4.9 release, Campus and our clients’ IT backup teams have a valuable tool to help ensure that their data is being proactively monitored and protected, and that they can identify and recover any data that may have been compromised.”

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For Windows environments, DPX GuardMode maintains and regularly updates over 4000 known ransomware threat patterns, while assessing affected files. With DPX 4.9, file monitoring has been extended to Linux servers and Samba shares. In addition, backup administrators can now benefit from increased quality of alerts, where DPX GuardMode measures the level of file entropy and compares known magic signatures on files suspected to be impacted. GuardMode uses active, live forensic techniques instead of analyzing backup data that lags security incidents by several hours, days and even weeks.

“Backups are now the last line of defense against cybersecurity threats such as ransomware and malware. Catalogic is committed to stretch left and offer proactive security solutions for our data protection customers,” said Ken Barth, CEO, Catalogic Software. “Earlier in the year, we released Kubernetes and cloud vulnerability assessments for CloudCasa, our cloud native, Kubernetes backup-as-a-service platform. In July, we introduced DPX GuardMode to help backup administrators with an early detection mechanism. With these new enhancements to DPX GuardMode combined with DPX instant recoveries, Catalogic customers will be among the best prepared to detect and recover from a cyberattack.”

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