CellTrust SL2 Drives Mobile Productivity and Compliance at Payne Capital Management

CellTrust SL2 Drives Mobile Productivity and Compliance at Payne Capital Management

CellTrust Corporation, a leading provider of global secure and compliant mobile communication for government and enterprise, announced today its SL2 mobile application for capture and archiving is driving mobile productivity and compliance at Payne Capital Management (PCM).

Young, dynamic, FinTech savvy and mobile, the client advisory team at PCM found it challenging to tell their clients that they couldn’t send them a text message due to compliance. It was either that or walk around managing two cell phones – their personal and one that belonged to the company.

Like many others, PCM financial advisors soon became weary of the cumbersome task of making a screen grab to archive every work-related text message they sent on their personal mobile phone and were also not keen on giving out their private mobile phone number.

Recognizing it was really important to differentiate between private mobile phone conversations and data and professional mobile phone conversations and data, PCM selected the CellTrust SL2 Enterprise Mobile app with its own built-in Mobile Business Number (MBN) feature to provide its advisors with privacy and their clients with a direct line.

PCM started using SL2 in early 2020. Their financial advisors have continued using their personal cell phones – and now text with their clients – knowing that work related texts are being captured and archived in support of financial regulatory compliance. Last year, when working from home became the norm for PCM team, SL2 also helped set boundaries between home and work life.

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“CellTrust SL2 has been a gamechanger for us in terms of productivity and compliance,” said Jennifer Angell, Financial Advisor and Director of Operations, Payne Capital Management. “We used to have to explain to our customers that we could not text with them, or if someone did, we had to make a screen grab and archive it. With the SL2 Enterprise Mobile app, text messages are seamlessly captured and archived.”

“It’s always great to hear from our customers when our technology makes their work easier and more productive,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust’s Chairman and CEO. “We are also happy when we can add value to their clients’ experience and with SL2 seamless capture and archiving for compliance – contribute to their peace of mind.”

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