Cloudflare announces Project Fair Shot – a digital waiting room for fair and efficient distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

Cloudflare announces Project Fair Shot

Project Fair Shot will provide the free service to any government agency, clinic, pharmacy or organization that organizes the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

Cloudflare, Inc., the security, performance, and reliability company that helps build a better Internet, today announced Project Fair Shot announced. The aim is to provide a free, fair method for vaccine distributors around the world to safely scale their work with digital queues. Project Fair Shot will give any authority, community, clinic, pharmacy or organization that enables the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to access the Cloudflare Waiting Room. This transparent digital queue precedes every registration website. Without leaving the apartment, you can find out where you are in the queue to register for the vaccination. Project Fair Shot builds on the global infrastructure of Project Fair Shot and can therefore scale independently of demand, without the organizations having to use their limited IT resources on code changes.

“ It was incredible how quickly the scientific community came together to develop several COVID-19 vaccines. At Cloudflare, we wanted to provide our technical expertise and infrastructure to help ensure that the vaccine is distributed fairly and efficiently, ”said Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO, Cloudflare. ” With Project Fair Shot, we are providing our technology waiting room free of charge so that any organization tasked with distributing the vaccine can do so in a fair manner and without the need for technological investments.”

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Cloudflare Waiting Rooms can be installed before any registration website without any engineering or coding required. Everyone who requests a vaccination appointment will receive a confirmation that they are in the queue. When the time comes, you will be redirected to the organization’s login page. Waiting Rooms can still be configured by each distributing agency in such a way that the estimated waiting time is given when registering and notifications are sent in the future when it is your turn. While Project Fair Shot makes this option available to vaccine distributors free of charge, Cloudflare Waiting Room also allows organizations of any kind that have a high need for a specific resource – concert tickets, re-runs of sneakers, or vaccines –

Vaccine distributors can join the waiting list today . For more information, see the resources below: