Code Intelligence Introduces FuzzCon Europe – Automotive Edition

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence, the automated testing platform, today announced it will be hosting FuzzCon Europe: Automotive Edition, a 100% online event, on November 17 at 4 pm CET.

Code Intelligence’s FuzzCon Europe – Automotive Edition will bring together leading developers, security engineers, and testing automation experts from the automotive industry to engage in coding sessions focused on real use cases and challenges, and learn from experienced developers who will share their best practices on securing automotive software. Event sessions include:

  • Current Challenges in Automotive Software Security Testing
    Presented by: Sergej Dechand, CEO & Co-Founder, Code Intelligence
  • Historical Vulnerabilities in Automotive: Common Bug Classes Present in Embedded Software
    Presented by: Andreas Weichslgartner, Senior Technical Security Engineer, CARIAD
  • Integrating Fuzz Testing into an Automotive Cybersecurity Test Strategy
    Presented by: Nico Vinzenz, Cybersecurity Expert, ZF Group
  • Fuzzing Beyond Cybersecurity
    Presented by: Renè Palige, Expert Automotive Software Security, & Rosemary Joshy, Head of Global SW Strategy, Innovation and Business Improvement, Continental
  • How To Improve Automotive Security
    Presented by: Michal Frenkel, VP Products & Strategy, & Victor Marginean, Presales Worldwide Director, Argus Cyber Security Ltd.

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“We’re excited to bring together leading minds on the cutting edge of the automotive developer and security community for FuzzCon Europe: Automotive Edition,” said Sergej Dechand, CEO & Co-Founder, Code Intelligence. Attendees of our virtual event can expect to discuss and learn about how best to comply with the latest industry standards, how to deal with the growing technical complexity of modern software, and how to improve security testing in automotive software.”

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