Code Unlimited Enters Jensen Hughes

Code Unlimited Enters Jensen Hughes
Code Unlimited Enters Jensen Hughes

Today, Jensen Hughes, the global leader in engineering, consulting and technology that make the world safe, secure and resilient, announced that it has acquired Code Unlimited, an award-winning, fast-growing building code consulting and fire protection engineering firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon. This acquisition extends the company’s footprint in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, expands its client roster by hundreds of accounts, and brings several dozen new seasoned experts to its expanding U.S. and global team.

Founded by Samir and Asawari Mokashi, the firm has established a strong reputation and a loyal client base that relies on its experts for business code, fire protection and hazardous materials risk management services. The company and its personnel hold industry certifications and expertise in ICC, IBC, IFC, ADA, cASP, NFPA, Historical & Legacy Codes, Land Use and Zoning, as well as Mass Timber, Seismic Analysis, DoD, and UFC regulations.

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“Ever since we established our firm, we have focused on superior client service,” explains Samir Mokashi. “At some point, however, maintaining our high-quality standards requires the ability to continue to recruit and retain seasoned experts passionate about their work. Joining Jensen Hughes allows us to work with a broader global team, offer our people more opportunities and be more competitive in recruiting top talent. Additionally, the opportunity to leverage Jensen Hughes’s digital tools will enhance our firms’ service.”

“This will also allow us to win and participate in much larger projects,” says Asawari Mokashi. “Jensen Hughes is a world-class organization winning and working on some of our industry’s largest, most complex and challenging projects.”

“We are very pleased to have Code Unlimited aboard,” says Raj Arora, CEO of Jensen Hughes. “We’re very selective in our acquisitions and are impressed with the entire team that Samir and Asawari have put together and what they have delivered for their clients. Like us, they care very deeply about purpose and principles and strongly emphasize the value of people, clients, industry and performance. In addition the Code Unlimited Pacific Northwest location is an area in which Jensen Hughes has been under-represented until now.”

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