Constella Intelligence Launches Phishing and Botnet Protection With Real-Time Breach Alerting

Constella Intelligence Launches Phishing and Botnet Protection With Real-Time Breach Alerting-01

Constella Intelligence (“Constella”), a leading global Digital Risk Protection and Identity Threat Intelligence company, today announced the release of Phishing and Botnet Protection, a new service allowing for the real-time notification of personal data and credential harvesting.

Constella Phishing and Botnet Protection is a unique service that allows partners the opportunity to alert their customers in real-time when their account credentials or personal data is being harvested, and before their stolen information is being used on the Deep and Dark Web. Phishing and Botnet Protection is an enhancement to Constella’s Intelligence API product. Until this release, no vendor has offered a real-time service around identifying credentials and personal information that have just been harvested by Phishing campaigns.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our partners this new service that will further ensure they are able to protect themselves and their customers from being victims of phishing and botnet attacks,” said Kailash Ambwani, CEO of Constella. “Phishing and Botnet Protection will be an essential addition to the array of products and services we offer for digital risk protection.”

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The two components, Phishing and Botnet, will work side-by-side through monitoring technology that detects and provides alerts when Constella’s end-user’s data has been stolen by phishing campaigns or botnet malware.

With Phishing and Botnet Protection, partners and customers can immediately take protective measures to thwart a breach or abuse of the stolen information—minimizing the potential for financial loss and personal disruption. Customers of Phishing and Botnet Protection will also be prompted to reset passwords for compromised accounts before damage occurs and will have unique and immediate visibility into when they have been victims of an attack. This premium monitoring service will be immediately accessible for existing customers and can be effortlessly combined with other Constella Intelligence products to provide comprehensive monitoring and defense to further protect customers’ data and brands.

“When consumers’ credentials, such as logins and passwords, are compromised in a breach, they often are not even aware that they’ve been compromised until after their credentials are spotted on the dark web, or after fraud occurs,” said Tracy Kitten, the Director of Fraud & Security at Javelin Strategy & Research. “Providing consumers with real-time, proactive notification of credential compromise, alerting them to change their passwords before their information appears on the dark web, will be essential in the coming years as phishing and botnet campaigns become more prevalent.”

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