Contrast Security to Revolutionize DevSecOps with its Secure Code Platform

Contrast Security to Transform DevSecOps with its Secure Code Platform at RSA 2022

Contrast Security (Contrast), the leader in code security that empowers developers to secure-as-they code, today announced its lineup of events at RSA Conference 2022, taking place June 6-9 at the Moscone Center in San FranciscoMeet Contrast at RSA!

Applications have evolved to become more complex and distributed, which is why it is critical that security teams and developers work closely together to remove security bottlenecks from application development and accelerate DevOps. At the conference, attendees will learn how Contrast’s Secure Code Platform is the only solution on the market that leverages a new unified DevSecOps approach to deliver accurate, continuous results within the CI/CD pipeline and developer tools.

Contrast will also showcase its recently launched CodeSec by Contrast Security (CodeSec), an easy-to-use, self-service, enterprise-tested application security solution available to all developers at no cost, at the conference. With seamless sign-up, the fastest and most accurate scanner in the market, and immediate, actionable results, developers can start scanning code and serverless environments with CodeSec to go from zero to secure in less than five minutes.

Contrast Events at RSA Conference 2022:

Contrast Onsite: During expo hours, attendees can stop by Booth #1055 or register here for a demonstration of how to ignite innovation velocity on the only unified security platform built to get secure code moving through the entire application development pipeline and continuously protect applications across the complete software lifecycle.

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Expert Session: Larry Maccherone, Contrast’s DevSecOps Transformation Architect, will educate attendees on why it is impossible to transform an organization’s culture to Developer-First Security without building the approach around Gene Kim’s 3 Ways of DevOps: FLOW, FEEDBACK, and LEARNING. Attendees will also learn about the most common bottleneck preventing most development teams from achieving FLOW on vulnerability resolution, the ideal place to provide developer FEEDBACK, and why it’s 100x more effective than where most folks are providing it today as well as how to turn every incident and vulnerability into a LEARNING opportunity.

Expert Coffee Club: Jeff Williams, co-founder and CTO at Contrast, and Secure Code Warrior co-founder and CTO, Matias Madou, will chat through the real-world techniques used to transform security programs with the greatest asset organizations have: developers. Register here!

RSA Happy Hour: Contrast, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Coalfire and Secure Code Warrior are hosting a happy hour on June 8th at Natoma Cabana. The venue is a 5-minute walk from the Moscone Center where RSA is being held. Register here.

Dine with Contrast: Register here for an intimate, networking dinner with our co-founder and CTO, Jeff Williams, and DevSecOps Transformation Architect, Larry Maccherone.

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