Cyber-Security Firm GLESEC Announces The Launch Of New Orchestrated Data Leakage Detection And Protection Service

Cyber-Security Firm GLESEC Announces the Launch of New Orchestrated Data Leakage Detection and Protection Service

International Cyber-Security Firm GLESEC announces the launching of its Orchestrated Data Leakage Detection and Protection Service to address a critical need for every organizations’ security and compliance requirements.

We detect and protect data leakage without the need to classify all company information; and orchestrate threats to bring RISK level visibility and actionable solutions in a single pane of glass. We provide real-time data leakage detection for security and compliance requirements.

GLESEC’s orchestration provides visibility and detection of data leaving the organization, where it is going, how much data has been taken and investigation of who is responsible for the data leakage.

At the same time, we handle the mitigation and protection to stop external or internal data leakage threats and perform automated training to reduce internal users’ accidental data leakage exposure.

Our unique security-as-a-service offering includes all the components to address information leakage as a turnkey solution designed to reduce risk and time to detect and mitigate, fulfill compliance and significantly inherent reduction of operational costs. 

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We do this by deploying the GLESEC Multi-security Appliance at client’s location, integration with internal data sources and activation with GLESEC’s Orchestration platforms. This quick deployment brings peace of mind to the organization, visibility and control to management and all reporting required.

GLESEC’s focus is the organization’s lifecycle process and business optimization, introducing a new paradigm in the delivery of cybersecurity and cyber-compliance.

“We are happy to bring to market another unique orchestrated service that will help mitigate threats and reduce data leakage risk. The Orchestration platform together with a complete portfolio of service offerings makes it ideal for every organization to meet security and compliance requirements,” says Sergio Heker, a cybersecurity expert and internet pioneer who is GLESEC’s CEO.

“We are very happy to bring to market our GLESEC’s Orchestrated Data Leakage Protection Service, developed to be a must-have for every organization. The security as a service offering is one of the most effective detection and protection of data leakage solutions in the market; it is low cost due to not requiring ongoing data classification; and provides quick detection to respond to compliance reporting requirements,” continued Mr. Heker.

GLESEC continues its on-going process of innovation to provide more value to its clients while leading the market with the largest and most organized set of cyber-security, cyber-compliance, and cyber-training services in the industry.

“We are excited to partner with ITsMineTM a technology leader that has created a unique and innovative approach to address data leakage based on its proprietary FileGPS and SoftwareMines. ITsMineTM platform if fully integrated with our Orchestrator to deliver maximum value powered by ITsMineTM“, comments Sergio Heker.

“ITsMine is happy to provide Beyond DLP as part of GLESEC’s unified Orchestrator platform to protect sensitive data scattered in multi-cloud and on-premises environments in the absent of corporate perimeter, growing remote workforce, shortage in security talents and new regulatory requirements.” said Kfir Kimhi, ITSMINE’s CEO.

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