CyberCrunch Launches Nationwide Remote Employee Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction Service

Remote Employee

CyberCrunch, a leading data destruction and electronics recycling company headquartered in the Pittsburgh area, announced today its mail-back electronics recycling program aimed at remote employees. In the continuously evolving work-from-home world, CyberCrunch aims to help IT professionals better manage remote IT equipment disposal.

“Our largest clients asked for help managing their remote IT equipment sitting in employees’ homes. This new program creates a secure, contactless process to dispose of remote company IT equipment in a responsible way,” says CyberCrunch President Serdar Bankaci.

The new program marries CyberCrunch’s industry-renowned security procedures, headlined by its NAID AAA certification, with its focus on serving customers in a post-COVID world. “Data security is difficult enough when IT assets sit in company facilities. In a work-from-home environment, the risks increase immensely, and so data security practices need to adapt accordingly,” added Bankaci.

CyberCrunch is one of only 30 companies in the US that have achieved AAA certification for their solid-state drive (SSD) wiping process.

Bankaci continues, “Many recyclers aren’t keeping up with changing technology, which can leave their customers’ data unprotected and exposed. CyberCrunch is pleased to be one of only a handful of companies that can offer its customers an advanced level of protection even when disposing of solid-state drives and flash media. And with our mail-back service, we want to make it even easier for our customers to keep their data from falling into the wrong hands.”