Cyborg takes on commercial surveillance with product release for cloud privacy without compromise


Cyborg, Inc., a data-privacy startup today launched the Stealth public BETA at Web Summit. Cyborg develops products with end-to-end encryption offering privacy and a high quality user experience. Cyborg products are entirely transparent, with plans to open-source all client-side code. After over 8 years in development and protected by 11 U.S. patents, the Stealth BETA is ready for users to experience the privacy they deserve.

“Big tech, ad-based companies know our deepest thoughts, habits and secrets – to an extent even greater than we know ourselves. Consumers are waking up to the threat of commercial surveillance and they want privacy for their financial, medical, legal and other critical data,” said Nicolas Dupont, Founder & CEO, Cyborg, Inc.

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Privacy-friendly alternatives to surveillance-focused applications are growing, except in one sector: cloud storage. Stealth is changing the game by launching the first searchable, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

Key Features
  • End-to-end encryption for paramount privacy and security
  • Encrypted file name, content, and metadata search
  • Industry-first intelligent file tagging
  • Secure data import from other cloud storage providers
Pricing & Availability
  • Stealth BETA is free and available on iOS today
  • Sign-up for the BETA online at to get 25GB of free, end-to-end encrypted storage
  • Full product roll-out will launch to market in early 2023
  • And, Invest in Privacy! Cyborg’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign is live

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