Databarracks launches Jump-Start


Databarracks today announces the launch of Jump-Start, a pre-prepared, cloud-based recovery landing zone.

By using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), resources, networking, security, and governance are activated within minutes, ready for a complete recovery.

In a disaster invocation, Jump-Start delivers the quickest recovery time in a low-cost and secure solution.

James Watts, Managing Director, comments:

“Organisations are facing a gap in recovery capability. Ransomware attacks are spreading to secondary sites, outlasting replication, and leaving DR systems infected. In these situations, your first-choice recovery isn’t available.  The only option is full recovery from backups.

“Before you can start that recovery, you need to source and install hardware and find somewhere to put it. When primary and secondary systems are affected, organisations rarely have the spare capacity and rack space to host anything further. You need to get recovery started, systems online and the business operational.

“Jump-Start is the fastest and most secure DR site. Deploying the recovery environment in the cloud via IaC means it’s isolated, secure and unaffected by issues to production. Recovery is accelerated because we bring the backups and the recovery environment together.

“One of the major benefits of Jump-Start is that you don’t need alternative hardware available or a recovery site. You don’t need to wait for on-premises hardware to be released from forensic investigation. You can recover immediately using Jump-Start.

“Our major ransomware recoveries are now typically in the cloud. That brings the benefit of reduced cost but also most critically, the guarantee that the recovery environment is clean. It’s air-gapped, and provisioned rapidly, when you need it.

“When an IT disaster happens, like a ransomware attack, time is of the essence. You need to make decisions and allocate resources quickly, and the better prepared you are for that, the better you’re likely to recover.

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“With Jump-Start, we can now offer isolated recovery infrastructure in the cloud and guarantee the fastest possible infrastructure deployment and recovery. It combines key features of our most powerful recovery systems.

“We have an incredibly skilled Public Cloud Services team running DevOps for web-scale applications. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable continuity and recovery team on the IT Resilience side of our business. Jump-Start brings the two sides together to deliver an innovative new service protecting our customers against the growing cyber threat.

“Disasters happen every day. A preconfigured recovery environment can reduce your recovery time and costs dramatically.”

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