Dathena Introduces Smart License Management To Drive Cost-Optimized Data Security

Dathena Introduces Smart License Management To Drive Cost-Optimized Data Security

Dathena, the leader in AI-powered data protection and privacy management for the modern digital workplace, today announced the launch of Smart License Management to help global enterprises and midmarket companies right-size data security spending while optimizing Microsoft 365 licensing costs.

Microsoft 365 has seen widespread global adoption during the coronavirus pandemic as organizations have sought to help remote-working employees stay connected, productive, and secure. However, nearly half of Microsoft Office 365 licenses have been “underutilized or oversized,” even as organizations are striving to keep costs low and stay lean and agile during a period of economic uncertainty.

Drawing on its experience as Microsoft’s independent software vendor (ISV) partner, Dathena developed Smart License Management to help companies do more with less. Using best-in-class AI technologies, Dathena’s engine automatically assigns and distributes MS365 license editions across the workforce based on employees’ risk profiles and access to sensitive data.

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Since only high-risk employees require the extended information protection and data governance capabilities of Microsoft’s E5 license, organizations can efficiently assign cheaper licenses to employees with less sophisticated needs. By eliminating unnecessary E5 purchases, Dathena’s Smart License Management helps businesses realize up to a 44% cost savings without compromising security.

“Organizations face the unique challenge of expanding their security apparatus to manage remote working risks, while balancing budgetary constraints as COVID-19 continues to impact the global economy,” said Girija Balasubramanian, Dathena’s EVP of Sales and Partnerships. “Smart License Management solves this exact problem, empowering decision-makers to direct their security spend intelligently to keep data safe while reducing costs.”

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In keeping with that mission, Dathena is offering Smart License Management through a special freemium model to enable businesses to unlock value without making up-front investments. Dathena also provides tiered Secure Remote Work packages to help small, medium, and large organizations enforce data protection policies with AI-powered precision, minimizing false positives and freeing security teams to focus on legitimate threats.

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