Discreet Labs Welcomes Peter Abilla as New Chief Business Officer


Discreet Labs is proud to announce that Peter Abilla, previously part of Harmony’s core team, has signed on as Chief Business Officer. Abilla will be involved with Discreet Labs’ flagship project Findora, a protocol focused on scaling Ethereum privacy.

Abilla has a long history in software development and the crypto space. Before working at Harmony, he served as the Vice President of Growth Marketing and Community for both Mainframe and ThunderCore. He has also worked with Oasis Labs in Community and Developer Marketing.

In Abilla’s more than two years at Harmony, he led the pivot to focus on developers and building a healthy DeFi system, which resulted in unprecedented growth for the ecosystem.

Discreet Labs believes he can bring that same developer-focus to their flagship privacy project, Findora. Abilla is excited to support developers and help established projects integrate Findora’s unique privacy-preserving zero-knowledge technology across GameFi, DeFi, TradFi, and other Web3 areas.

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The Future of Web3 Privacy

Findora provides a foundation for web3 privacy through advanced zero-knowledge proof cryptography and revolutionary blockchain architecture.

Findora combines a UTXO ledger with an EVM ledger so developers can leverage both blockchain models as they build. This allows Findora to be scalable, private, and as programmable as any EVM-compatible chain.

“I’m excited to be working with Discreet Labs,” Abilla commented. “Their researchers have contributed to major breakthroughs that can revolutionize blockchain privacy – a field of research that is often overlooked but desperately needed. Findora’s technology has the potential to speed mass adoption of Web3 through giving institutions the privacy they need to participate in the space.”

“Peter has done great things for other ecosystems, and we know he can do the same for the Findora ecosystem,” says Warren Paul Anderson, CEO of Discreet Labs. “He will be instrumental in building partnerships and getting the message out to key players about the importance of building scaleable privacy for crypto and Web3.”

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