Launches Blocking Tags to Securely Wrap Creatives, Ad Assets Launches Blocking Tags to Securely Wrap Creatives_ Ad Assets-01  recently launched it’s new Blocking Tags service to protect creatives, ad code, and other high impact resources from receiving invalid traffic and creating ad fraud. The service supports static and dynamic content across desktop and mobile environments.

Any type of content left unprotected is susceptible to unwanted abuse and malicious behavior by bots and other harmful traffic. This causes advertisers to have their campaign data ruined and budgets wasted while publishers can become victim to having their ad code executed by non-human activity and then inadvertently passing that activity off to their partners.

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Invalid activity interacting with content leads to incomplete audience data, loss in revenue, loss in ad spend, decreased KPIs, and broken optimization points. Escalated’s Blocking Tags solve this problem by easily wrapping content and serving it behind the Escalated ad fraud platform ensuring that only valid traffic is permitted access. The service protects content from being access by both general and sophisticated invalid traffic.

“Clients often have various usage scenarios and it’s important that we are able to not only meet them where the problem lies, but also where their business is,” said Kyle Smith, Escalated CEO. “Blocking Tags are now another option that we can offer to safeguard from ad fraud.”

Keeping Up with Tomorrow’s Problems

Bot farms and other invalid activity is constantly evolving as bad actors search for new ways to cheat the system. Escalated’s Blocking Tags ensure that content wrapped within stays safe regardless.

  • Advertisers: Wrap your creatives and keep invalid bot activity from accessing your campaigns. Ensure that only humans are able to access your creatives and that your audience data stays intact.
  • Publishers: Wrap sensitive content on your properties such as ad code or videos protecting your revenue and your resources from malicious behavior.

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