Fusion Financial Partners Launches FusionNetix™ to Provide High-Touch Technology Services Tailored to Unique Needs of RIA Community

Fusion Financial Partners Launches FusionNetix™ to Provide High-Touch Technology Services Tailored to Unique Needs of RIA Community

Leading RIA consultants and technology specialists unite to offer managed IT, cybersecurity, procurement, and website design specifically for financial advisors

The rapid evolution of the wealth management industry in the last few years has been driven by advances in technology. With that in mind, the founders of Fusion Financial Partners have launched FusionNetix™, a new firm created to deliver white-glove managed IT services, cybersecurity expertise, and IT consulting solutions to the wealth management industry.

“Technology is allowing more and more entrepreneurial-minded advisors to break free from the restrictions and conflicts inherent in the wirehouse model and run their own independent businesses,” said Mike Papedis, Co-Founder and Partner of FusionNetix. “Working with FusionNetix, RIAs can craft the perfect office environment with our procurement solutions, manage their daily IT needs and be assured that their cybersecurity complies with SEC standards.”

FusionNetix is led by RIA industry veterans, Mike and Kimberly Papedis, founders of Fusion Financial Partners, who have extensive experience helping sophisticated, fiduciary-minded financial advisors meet the challenges and growth opportunities of independence. The firm offers turnkey solutions for newly formed RIAs and breakaway advisors as well as acting as a sophisticated partner for existing RIAs seeking to improve their IT experience.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, FusionNetix resulted from the acquisition by Fusion Financial Partners of Lifeline Computer Services in November 2020. Lifeline provided managed IT services and IT consulting to over 350 small- and mid-sized businesses and wealthy families and was fully owned by Maxwell Alles, who is a partner in the new venture.

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“Financial advisors today can do so much more for their clients than what was possible just a few years ago due to advances in both hardware and software, but only if they have the right technology to begin with,” explained Maxwell Alles, Co-Founder and Partner of FusionNetix. “Our goal is to provide everything an advisory firm would need to build and maintain their tech stack, freeing advisors to concentrate on what they do best—giving good advice that helps their clients grow and preserve their financial assets.”

Managed IT services provide constant assistance to advisors’ offices with computers, phones and printers via a help desk solution as well as monthly IT strategy calls to stay current on industry trends and best practices.

In terms of cybersecurity, FusionNetix is offering RIAs of any size enterprise-grade cybersecurity that includes an AI-based antivirus solution, as well as constant monitoring of the advisor’s network and in- and outbound packets, advanced firewall protection and employee training to mitigate common scams, make for a safer office IT environment, and a clear path for operational efficiencies and growth.

While the previously mentioned services are vital to an advisory firm once it is up and running, FusionNetix can also provide important startup services to the nascent RIA. The firm provides expert consulting with regard to IT needs, infrastructure advice, and procurement of hardware and software, as well as coordinating with vendors in telecom, cabling, and internet service to see that the proper technology is in place to put the new firm on the path to success.

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The final piece of the tech puzzle is state-of-the-art website design specifically for financial advisors which includes instruction on SEO best practices, hosting and management services and digital asset creation.

FusionNetix is focused on anticipating trends in technology and cybersecurity to make sure advisors can keep their businesses updated with the latest tools to ensure efficiency and safety.