Garland Technology Announces New EdgeLens® Series of Innovative Inline Bypass TAPs

Innovative Inline Bypass TAPs

Garland Technology, a leading provider of network test access point (TAP), packet broker, and cloud visibility solutions, today announced the release of the EdgeLens® and EdgeLens FocusTM Inline Security Packet Brokers. Developed to manage inline security tools, the EdgeLens is set to revolutionize the way modern networks secure the network’s edge.

“The network edge is becoming increasingly complex with critical inline security appliances. Managing these devices, while maintaining network uptime, is a constant challenge for IT teams,” states Jerry Dillard, Chief Technical Officer, Garland Technology. “Garland solves this with the new EdgeLens series, allowing you to now manage multiple inline and out-of-band tools while providing the reliability of a bypass TAP and the functionality of a packer broker in a single device.”


EdgeLens® Inline Security Packet Broker — is a bypass TAP, network packet broker hybrid, purpose-built to provide the ultimate failsafe traffic management device to future proof your network. The EdgeLens is a high-density 1U appliance with four 1G/10G bypass TAPs, 32 1G/10G, and four 40G monitoring ports.

EdgeLens FocusTM Inline Security Packet Broker — The EdgeLens Focus is a smaller ½ rack appliance with one 1G/10G bypass TAP and ten 1G/10G monitoring ports. This bypass TAP, network packet broker hybrid, is purpose-built to provide failsafe traffic management, and designed to bring enterprise functionality to remote locations.

Both EdgeLens and EdgeLens Focus provide Garland Technology’s full bypass and failsafe technology, as well as packet broker features like advanced filtering, aggregation, and load balancing. Applications include first-to-market hardware base tool chaining, High Availability (HA) redundancy, policy verification, “Historical Look Back” forensics, “Before and after optimization & validation,” speed translation, and more.

The EdgeLens allows you to eliminate single points of failure, reduce network downtime, cut deployment time, without compromising the network. Complete lifecycle management of inline tools like Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) is possible with the EdgeLens while sending traffic to out-of-band network monitoring and analyzer tools from the same appliance.

“Designed to simplify modern security stacks, the EdgeLens is the industry’s most advanced device purpose-built for the network edge,” states Chris Bihary, Chief Executive Officer, Garland Technology. “The EdgeLens Focus now brings cost-effective bypass and advanced features to remote locations.”

The continuous release of new products reflects the ongoing momentum Garland Technology is delivering to its customers worldwide. Garland Technology now delivers enterprise data center level functionality for the edge, with the first integrated bypass TAP family that can handle your entire security stack – from remote sites, data center, and enterprise, and from 1G to 100G.