GIAC Certifications Launches Remote Proctoring

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GIAC Certifications Launches Remote Proctoring

GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cybersecurity certifications, recognizes the significant role that technology is playing in all our lives at this unique point in time. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions around the world, including the mandatory closure of testing centers. Adapting to this new normal, GIAC announced its partnership with ProctorU, a well-known and trusted exam delivery service, to offer remote exam delivery.

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Beginning May 18, 2020, our customers can take their GIAC Certification exams remotely, proctored from wherever they are. With SANS Institute also now offering 100% online training via its OnDemand and new Live Online platforms, GIAC’s launch of remote proctoring means our customer community can now train and certify from any location, at any time after scheduling.

GIAC is committed to delivering the same quality, high-value exams, and outcomes that our customers and community expect. With remote proctoring, GIAC is able to provide a safe environment for customers to thoroughly prepare for and take a GIAC exam.

The transition of GIAC exams to ProctorU will roll out in phases starting in mid-May. Scheduling availability will initially be limited due to transitional testing and prioritization of deadlines, but exam scheduling will be available at full capacity beginning on June 1.

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“This critical service allows our customers to complete their certification examinations from the comfort and safety of their home,” says Scott Cassity, Managing Director, GIAC Certifications. “Remote delivery also gives practitioners the flexibility to take certification exams as soon as they’re prepared, ensuring minimal impact on the security of our nations, businesses, and infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic. GIAC remains committed to helping our customers validate their cybersecurity knowledge and skills in the continuously evolving cybersecurity environment.”