GlobalDots’ partnership with Lacework enables security to speed business processes

GlobalDots’ partnership with Lacework enables security to speed business processes

GlobalDots, a cloud innovation leader, announces a partnership with Lacework, the data-driven security platform for the cloud. By adding Lacework to its vendor portfolio, GlobalDots enriches its cloud security offering to clients and partners, introducing a single solution to address workload vulnerabilities across multi-cloud environments.

Today, one of the biggest challenges for both CIOs and CISOs is obtaining optimal posture against ever-emerging threats, while allowing the development teams, and the business as a whole, to maintain momentum and scale up efficiently with minimal security friction. By providing continuous visibility and monitoring for workload security issues such as excessive permissions or misconfigurations in build and runtime, organizations can address these issues earlier, reducing the risk sooner enabling them to build faster.

As a result of the partnership, GlobalDots will be able to offer the Lacework Cloud Security Platform to its clients as part of their cloud deployments, optimizing their workspace protections within cloud-borne environments. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform has already met the GlobalDots standard for cloud security innovation: Holistic scope, scalability, dev-friendliness, noise-free alerting, and compliance assistance.

“As workloads in the cloud become easier to spin up, sprawl is inevitable. With new resources constantly popping up everywhere an organisation’s attack surface is greatly increased. Trying to keep a watchful eye on so many moving data points becomes impossible,” says Steven Puddephatt, GlobalDots’ Senior Cloud Architect. “Enter Lacework with their advanced data-driven architecture, which makes sure businesses are alerted to the ‘needle in the haystack’ they need to know about. We’ve battle tested the software and the results are astounding, it really is the tool your security teams have been waiting for.”

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Having recognized their potential early on, GlobalDots have long been exploring ways of teaming up with Lacework. Earlier this year, Lacework announced significant investments in building up its presence in EMEA, including a European HQ in Dublin, regional offices in the UK, France and Germany, and an AWS data centre in Frankfurt. The company also announced the acquisition of Soluble, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security solution, and new DevSecOps capabilities to help organizations integrate security practices into their software delivery workflows earlier, further extending the value of the Lacework platform to its customers.

These new developments allow the Lacework platform to provide auto-remediation for workload security issues,further setting Lacework’s data-driven cloud security platform apart from traditional and point security products available on the market.

By bringing in over 17 years of cloud experience, GlobalDots’ seasoned solution engineers and DevOps team will provide implementation expertise and advanced professional services. In addition, GlobalDots will give Lacework customers access to a wide range of complementary innovative cloud performance & security solutions, so organizations can both streamline and secure all cloud operations under one specialized roof.

“As businesses face increasing amounts of data with regional specific compliance needs, the importance of having solid cybersecurity strategies in place cannot be overstated. Only Lacework can collect, analyze, and accurately correlate data across an organization’s AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environments, and narrow it down to the handful of security events that truly matter,” says Radina Mihaleva, VP of Business Development, Lacework. “As cloud-native companies, Lacework and GlobalDots have a shared philosophy of operating in the cloud – it must be done with speed and security. We look forward to the new value this strategic partnership will bring to our joint customers across the EMEA region.”

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