GuidePoint Security Expands its Penetration Testing Offerings to Include Continuous Pentesting as a Service

GuidePoint Security Expands its Penetration Testing Offerings to Include Continuous Pentesting as a Service

GuidePoint Security, a cybersecurity solutions leader enabling organizations to make smarter decisions and minimize risk, today announced the availability of its Penetration Testing as a Service offering, which combines traditional testing with recurring, automated testing and continuous reporting.

While traditional, point-in-time penetration testing is an important component of an overall security program that will deliver deeper results, they are typically narrower in scope due to the necessary skills required to carry out such a test. With this complementary automated penetration testing offering, GuidePoint can help organizations ensure the security of their networks and applications as new vulnerabilities are released every day, by rapidly and continuously identifying vulnerabilities.

“Together, automated and traditional penetration testing really deliver the best results possible,” said Victor Wieczorek, VP of Application Security and Threat and Attack Simulation. “As automated results are delivered throughout the year, our customers can remediate critical vulnerabilities in real-time. Additionally, when it’s relevant to conduct a traditional penetration test, we will already have a good idea of the areas that may need to be retested or probed deeper. With our Penetration Testing as a Service, our customers will gain actionable results in real time through the rapid identification, exploitation, reporting and remediation of vulnerabilities across their organization as they arise.”

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GuidePoint’s Penetration Testing as a Service provides:

  • Automated tooling to enable rapid penetration testing to find and exploit vulnerabilities, paired with expert penetration testers to audit and validate results
  • The ability to ingest and leverage newly discovered exploits for rapid testing across the environment to identify new vulnerabilities as quickly as possible
  • Immediate results for customers to take action on and remediate vulnerabilities as they are discovered

This offering rounds out a complete portfolio of threat and attack simulation services that GuidePoint Security provides, including: traditional penetration testing, cloud penetration testing, purple teaming, red teaming and social engineering.

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