Herta Launches New COVID-19 Technology for the New Normality

COVID 19 Technology

The leading facial recognition firm launches new video analytics to enhance security and safety in the new post-pandemic era.

Herta, the Barcelona based facial recognition company, has recently launched a new range of solutions that will help businesses and industries adapt to the new normality.

Awarded with the COVID-19 Response Seal of Excellence by the European Commission, Herta’s new applications allow the monitoring of social distancing, occupancy control, mask detection, and facial recognition, even when people wear masks.

Herta’s technology is characterized by having the best reputation, with real and large-scale security projects worldwide. By expanding its product range, the company aims to reinforce its mission: increase the world’s safety by building user-friendly computer vision solutions. With these new applications, Herta will surely help organizations comply with the new COVID-19 safety regulations as well as cover the needs that arise in this new normality.