Hikvision completes major improvements to its integrated security software HikCentral Professional

Hikvision completes major improvements to its integrated security software HikCentral Professional-01

Hikvision released the recently updated security software HikCentral Professional 2.0 (“HCP 2.0”), which combines feeds from multiple systems on a single platform. HCP 2.0 can be configured to link video security devices, alarm and access control systems, and more, including third-party systems through OpenAPI – for easy centralized management of a variety of security and business applications.

Frank Zhang , president of Hikvision’s International Products and Solutions Center, said: “This is an important launch for us and a significant advance in our security management software offerings. HikCentral Professional 2.0 will help our customers to seamlessly manage a variety of activities on a single platform. We are excited to see the value it offers. ”

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Nine major applications for various business needs

HikCentral Professional 2.0 integrates multiple business and security systems with nine main applications, making it valuable for a wide variety of common security and business scenarios seen in buildings, factories, stores, apartments and the like.

Among them, video cameras and security alarms are integrated into the platform to offer fluid live viewing and timely alarm notifications.

In addition, access control can be included to assign a variety of access permissions using a variety of methods, including facial recognition, ID cards, fingerprints, QR codes and more. HCP 2.0 also allows multiple employees, such as HR managers, to set flexible attendance rules , including work shift schedules, while providing information for full reports. In addition, facilities managers can also use applications vehicle management and visitor management to expedite the entry of management and on – site parking.

Users can further rely on HCP 2.0 with  intelligent analysis and reporting – an application that collects data and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. This includes flow status, people density and more. For systems management teams, the HCP 2.0 system maintenance application displays alarm and device notifications, as well as the complete network and device topology for fast, targeted action on unusual events.

Last but not least, HCP 2.0 allows users to implement digital signage systems to display advertisements and notices. The software comes with eight pre-installed templates for users to present content in an optimized way. The content can be, for example, the number of people and temperature situation in a supermarket setting.

Create truly unified systems with greater security and greater operational efficiency

With HCP 2.0, users will assemble applications flexibly and build a customized system to meet their security and business needs. The unified approach not only creates greater situational awareness about your security environment, it also reduces the real day-to-day management resources required by different systems.

For example, users can integrate visitor management with vehicle management to improve daily operational efficiency for building installations. Facility managers can record visitor information in the HCP 2.0 system and, by connecting to an ANPR system, can define visitors automatically allowed to enter the site parking lot. Likewise, the system can also pre-authorize visitor access to specific areas of a company’s premises.

Personalized user experience

HikCentral Professional 2.0 can be customized to provide specific information to designated users. The system is provided with three pre-configured functions: “system installation and management”, “security control and management” and “presence management”. In this way, the HR team can customize the feed to show the status of employees’ presence, for example, while the management team can monitor the security of the facilities. There is also a customized function that can be adapted to specific needs.

Perhaps most importantly, HikCentral Professional 2.0 features an enhanced user interface. Users can customize the control panel to suit their viewing preferences by simply dragging and dropping the main videos and device feeds onto the panel, adjusting where they are and how they look.

Dynamic and intuitive user interface

HCP 2.0 also incorporates several visualized panels that display the main security and business information generated from various applications, facilitating decision-making processes more accurately and efficiently.

In addition, users use 3D e-maps that vividly demonstrate device monitoring status in different locations and interactively manage instant alerts by clicking and watching live, associated videos and other information from the integrated system.

Easy installation and maintenance

HikCentral Professional 2.0 is easy to implement and quick to set up for a multitude of projects with unique applications. Customers with minimum system requirements for Intel i3 CPU and 8 GB RAM can get HCP 2.0 up and running with a one-click installation procedure that makes configuration even easier. Operations guidance wizards are displayed explicitly to support users in configuring major applications. In addition, the visualized health monitoring panels allow more focused and efficient IT maintenance.