infoVia to Introduce infoSecur Application Natively in Snowflake Marketplace

infoVia to Introduce infoSecur Application Natively in Snowflake Marketplace-01

infoVia today announced that it is launching infoSecur, currently in private preview, an application that will simplify secure data sharing and access governance natively in the Snowflake Data Cloud. The infoSecur application is built using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, currently in private preview, which enables application developers to build applications using Snowflake core functionalities, globally distribute them on Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them within a customer’s Snowflake account.

infoVia and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, will help joint customers share their data securely, while provisioning access governance in a centralized management console. infoSecur creates a bridge to protect organizations’ data inside and outside of Snowflake.

One customer found infoSecur “exactly what was needed” to manage access to critical business financial data by implementing filtering and masking within their database. Another education client discovered that infoSecur was “the ideal way” to leverage pre-existing data relating students and staff to secure sensitive student data to only the staff subset that “needed to know”.

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“With data rapidly proliferating and costly breach incidents alarmingly increasing, we have the perfect storm of opportunity and risk. It is critical that we build a better mousetrap for sharing data securely between internal and external parties,” said Michael Magalsky, infoVia Founder. “infoSecur is making it easier for joint Snowflake customers to share data securely and efficiently between other organizations in the Data Cloud.”

“As Snowflake continues to make strides to mobilize the world’s data, partners like infoVia give joint customers greater flexibility around how they secure data,” said Chris Child, Senior Director, Product Management, Snowflake. “The new infoSecur tool built using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework further highlights the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud, enabling teams to distribute high-quality applications, and collaborate with customers across the Data Cloud ecosystem.” ”

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