Ingram Micro Announces A global partnership With UiPath, A Leading Enterprise Automation Software Company

Ingram Micro announces a global partnership with UiPath_ a leading enterprise automation software company

In order to expand its artificial intelligence (AI) portfolio, Ingram (Ingram Micro Inc.) today announced that, with leading software companies and enterprise automation process automation robotics (RPA) The business partnership of technology innovation company UiPath has now expanded to a global scale.

Robotic process automation helps companies and organizations in the digital transformation (DX) era to improve efficiency, workflow certainty, operational accuracy, and compliance by automating repetitive and time-consuming daily tasks.

In addition, software robots can establish end-to-end automation across the entire company organization while reducing costs. Ingram Micro’s extensive and professional advanced solutions portfolio began to provide artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions a few years ago, and it has become one of the company’s fastest-growing global businesses.

Sabine Howest, Vice President of Ingram Micro’s Global Partner Participation and Internet of Things, said: “Robot process automation is an important part of the company’s digital transformation plan. It is also a way for channel partners to introduce digital transformation solutions and services to existing end-user customer groups.

An important sales entry point. The use of artificial intelligence to automate repeatable and rule-driven processes is a practice that companies of all sizes can benefit from. It is also a practice that we and UiPath are preparing to adopt our growing global advanced solutions A growth opportunity promoted by the organization.”

Bhavyesh Virani, Co-CEO of WonderBotz, a UiPath partner, said: “We are very pleased that UiPath is able to provide additional support to high-value service providers like us through its new Ingram Micro project. The market has provided us with customized services and financial and accounting services.

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The demand for pre-built turnkey solutions for professionals, healthcare, finance, banking and hotel managers is growing, and Ingram Micro’s global reach will help WonderBotz seize these opportunities. The newly launched UiPath/Ingram Micro program is A win-win solution allows us to have more time to focus on providing industry-leading customer service.”

The cooperation between Ingram Micro and UiPath began in India in 2018, and then quickly started cooperation in China. At present, the cooperative relationship has expanded to North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other regions in the Asia-Pacific.

Ingram Micro’s team is paired with a mature and professional UiPath expert team who will provide assistance to channel partners throughout the sales cycle, including opportunity identification, design thinking, consulting services, authorization and training.

With the support of Ingram Micro’s Center of Excellence, channel partners selling UiPath solutions can benefit from their common best practices, “chasing the sun” support services and global resources to meet the different needs of local, regional and global markets .

Thomas Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer of UiPath, said: “Ingram Micro and UiPath are both partner-first companies and are also committed to continuing to invest in our partners to promote greater service differentiation, superior growth and stronger Profitability.

Enterprise automation is a category that channel partners cannot ignore, and it is also an area of ​​ongoing investment for enterprise organizations, because the investment in this area can obtain immediate and measurable returns and improve employee and customer experience.

We are very pleased to be able to Expand the successful partnership with Ingram Micro on a global scale, and look forward to helping channel partners to fully grasp the market potential of robotic process automation.”

“Forrester Wave™*: Robotic Process Automation Report for the First Quarter of 2021” rated UiPath as a “Leader” and achieved the highest ranking in the three categories of “Existing Services”, “Product Strategy” and “Market Performance”.

In addition, Cheryln Chin, Vice President of UiPath Global Alliances and Partners, and Eddie O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Operations and Partners, were recently selected for the “2021 CRN Channel Executives” list along with eight Ingram Micro channel executives.

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