Inspira and ArmorCode Collaborate to Provide “Threat and Vulnerability Management in the Box”


ArmorCode, the leader in AppSecOps, today announced its partnership with Inspira to solve one of the most complex and common cybersecurity challenges that organizations face today; fragmented solutions for vulnerability identification, prioritization and remediation. Inspira, a Global Cybersecurity leader, is paving the way for organizations to rapidly accelerate enterprise risk reduction with a unique and best-in-class solution that is Intelligent, Simplified, Measurable, Adaptive, Risk-Based, Threat-Centric, Tailored: “iSMART2 Vulnerability Management – in – the – box.”

The solution is built around ArmorCode‘s platform for threat governance and security guardrails, and provides a comprehensive suite of services, helping organizations address the rapidly expanding attack surface. Organizations can only protect what they see and the current paradigm dictates that multiple solutions are purchased to gain the insight needed  to meticulously manage security risks. This comprehensive solution will directly address the emerging risks and threats in real time.

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“Threat vulnerability management is often an expensive and complex problem for businesses to solve,” said Nikhil Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of ArmorCode. “This partnership between Inspira and Armorcode is focused at reducing both the cost and complexity of managing threats, ensuring that businesses are able to ship secure software and ship it fast.”

This packaged offering includes governance, secure code testing both static and dynamic, infrastructure testing, closed loop remediation including patch management and integration with IT service management provided by partners including ShiftLeft, Qualys, Ivanti and Trellix.

With this innovative “one box” packaged solution, organizations will be able to unify fragmented IT ecosystems and digital assets such as applications, services, infrastructure and cloud. Additionally, they will get an overview of prevailing threat vectors and accordingly vulnerabilities can be remediated in the hybrid landscape.

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“We are thrilled to bring our next-generation innovative Vulnerability Management SaaS platform that facilitates an accelerated path to enterprise risk identification and remediation, while providing enhanced visualization of risks, improved adherence to compliance standards and reduced cost of ownership,” said Lalit Ahluwalia, Americas CEO and Global Cyber Security Head from Inspira. “In today’s complex technology landscape, iSMART2 Vulnerability Management–in–the–box is a uniquely differentiated solution that is outcome driven and managed by our industry recognized global cybersecurity practice.”

The partnership between these organizations will be celebrated at Black Hat 2022 with a Lunch & Learn session. To learn more about iSMART2 Vulnerability Management – in – the – box solution, please RSVP for the lunch and learn taking place August 10th and 11th:

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